Thursday, February 11, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Parker 1.3: Go to School!

Apocalypse Challenge Parker House Chapter 1.3: Go to School!

The first time I had to call the nanny for Mariah and I made the mistake of putting "follow my schedule".  Well, the game assumes that Mariah is in school and didn't send the nanny until 3pm.  So Brittany had to use a vacation day even though I'm not supposed to use them.

Hey at least I didn't have any fires until after I got smoke alarms and sprinklers, I think that's pretty good.  Why's nobody there you ask?  Grayson put the food in the oven and then went upstairs to whoohoo with Brittany.  Sheesh.

Mariah's teen birthday seemed to come fast.

She's a knowledge/family sim.  Her lifetime wish is 50 dream dates, ugh I wonder if I can take that one out of the game.

Kids go to school!  Plan for college!  Lock in those knowledge perks!  Grayson has lifted education!
(I installed a no-homework hack since they still can't do homework.)

 Finally a day off together.  The family has a nice breakfast and plans to visit community lots.

Mariah gets lessons from Grayson on the obstacle course, yes he's in his pjs!

Doe 1.3: Sell Those Empty Fridges!

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