Friday, March 25, 2016

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- We Are Family

Chapter 40

 R.I.P. Malcolm and Alexandria Landgraab


When I was re-reading the blog I realized that I had never actually played this household.  Nick Casey and his mom Elissa were townies and Julia Hanchett was a teen that they took in.
(After some searching I found her creator on the gallery: julior12345.)

I plan to set Nick up with Star Goth so since she aged up recently it was time to age him up as well.  His traits are outgoing, foodie and ambitious.  He joined the business career.

He visits Star's house and they hang out for a bit then she disappears.

Julia has the Curator aspiration so after school she goes digging around the neighborhood.

She found 2 decorated eggs and put them on the dresser in her room.


Another house that I realized that I've been neglecting is Zoe Zest's.  Here she's at the park, because she's lonely, chatting with Kendall Goth.

As she's getting ready to leave she bumps into Andrea Jones.  She tells her about how she found her birth parents only to have them die of old age soon after.

Andrea is reminded of losing her own parents as a teen and having the Jones family take her in.  On the spur of the moment she invites Zoe to move in.  They have a spare bedroom after all.


All of the family comes out to greet Andrea and Zoe.

Zoe introduces herself to Adam when she sees him downstairs painting.

The next day they visit the park.  Ashley has to introduce herself to 10 sims for her aspiration.  Most of them are related to her in some way, lol.

Zoe and Adam hang out in the bar area chatting.

Kaylie plays chess by herself.


I'm hoping this happened when I was playing before and I just didn't notice it because if they still haven't fixed this I'm going to be pissed.

Daxton tells Krystle that the house seems empty with his dad and Alexandria gone.

They try for a baby and she's pregnant.

Veronica bring Jaxton Nunn home from school.

After he leaves she practices typing for her aspiration.

Hannah draws for hers.

This house is so cool.  It has a little gym area with tvs and everything.

It's Veronica's birthday.  She completed her aspiration... stayed home from school to finish it.

Wow she's so pretty.  Too bad Malcolm and Alexandria had to miss this.

Right after Veronica's birthday cake Krystle goes into labor.  Daxton looks hilarious.

As soon as the baby was born he ran over there and snatched him up.  His name is Jace.


When I land at the Goth's house both of the twins Marshall and Maxwell are sick.  Alexander is 2 days from aging to elder.  :(

The next morning everyone woke up and qued up cooking.  I cancelled them all out and I was paying attention to Scarlett cooking when the notice popped up that there was a fire!  Apparently either Sierra or Maxwell set the grill on fire.

I went to work with Alexander and he had to upgrade the simray.

Then he had to use it on his co-workers to make them all change their clothes.

The next day the teens went to Rumors nightclub and hung out.

That night is Alexander's birthday party.  Scarlett bakes him a special cake.  He looks so different, lol.

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