Thursday, March 24, 2016

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Getting Back Into the Hang of Things!

Chapter 39

Well, I found the notebook I was looking for.  The only helpful thing in it was one page with couple pairings for the teens.  I decided to re-read all of the blog posts to reacquaint myself with all the families and in one of the posts I mention 2 notebooks.  I can't find the other one.  It took hours to read all of the posts!  Then I played for hours too.  So I'm beat, but I wanted to get this post written after the crappy one I did last.


Evan and Cassidy are ready to age up their son Keith.

He's a rambunctious scamp and loves the outdoors.

I accidentally forgot to pause the game after Keith aged and and when I looked he was playing Sims 1.  :)

He goes to the park to work on his aspiration and meets Veronica Landgraab and Nebula Noble there.  Marshall Goth comes over and plays sea monster.

After Marshall leaves his cousin Sierra plays sea monster.


I decided to visit the newlyweds next.  I noticed that Skye's last name was still Goth so I changed it.

Skye throws a house party.  She's telling Star and Grayson a story.

This house is perfect for parties.  It even has this big bar.  In the back is Charlie playing the motion gaming rig.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and she got a silver on her party.

After they all left I told Rocco to clean up one plate... he then proceeded to walk the house forever and found this huge pile of dishes all over the place!


I wanted to check and see how old Deon was and realized that he wasn't married to Lyla yet.  Oopsie.  Time to remedy that.

They only had 4 guests.

They share the first slice of cake.

It wouldn't be one of my weddings if the bride didn't fall asleep after the "I do's".


Angelo is so happy that Suri finally aged up.

After the hot greeting at the door things get even hotter.

Awe a bunny slipper proposal.  She can't resist that!

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