Wednesday, March 23, 2016

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Feeling Clueless!

Chapter 38

So it's literally been almost a year since I've played Sims 4.  First, I got ticked off about sims disappearing off family trees and relatives being romantic interests so I started playing Sims 2 for a bit.  Then, my laptop decided it couldn't handle Sims 4 anymore and would crash whenever I started it so it was a forced exile.  I've got a new PC now and I kinda feel lost.  I haven't a clue where my notebook is for the neighborhood rotation.  All I had saved was the birthday order on my iPad so that I wouldn't miss a birthday.  I decided to go to the first family on the list.  This'll be a short post because I want to search for my notebook some more before I screw up some of my plans!  Unfortunately I just realized that after painstakingly taking screenshots of everything I did: I didn't have Fraps open so no screenshots were taken!  Ugh.  I'll just outline what happened here I guess.  *sigh*

I went Charlie and Buffy Goths house where the triplets Star, Suri and Shea aged up to young adults.  (I tried to ignore the fact that both Charlie and Buffy's dad's weren't on the family tree anymore and that Charlie has a romantic relationship with Don Lothario.  Ugh.)

Star is good, outgoing and cheerful.
Suri is outgoing, playful and a bookworm.
Shea is romantic, outgoing and a art lover.

Suri invites Angelo Lothario over and he's sad.  She cheers him up and they have their first kiss.  He leaves before she can ask him to be her boyfriend.

I think Star was meant to be paired up with the new neighbor but I'm not sure so I leave it alone until I (hopefully) find my notebook.

I leave the Goths and go to the foster kids Reece Myer's house.  There Thomas Benson, Shea's boyfriend ages up to young adult.  He is good, self-assured and materialistic.

He invites Shea over and proposes to her.  She says yes and they celebrate with a whoohoo and she spends the night.  She leaves first thing the next morning.

I feel so bad about forgetting to turn on Fraps!  Luckily I didn't do too much.  Sorry about this goofy update.  The next will be better, I promise!

Chapter 39

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