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Monday, March 21, 2016

Stardew Valley Week 2- One Fish Two Fish

I want to thank playerVShobbies and Pinstar for their fishing help.  Everyone makes it look WAY too easy on Youtube!

Welcome to week 2 of Rainy Dayz Farm in Stardew Valley!  On Monday I water the plants and realize that I have a bunch of seeds in the chest that need planting.  I spend the rest of the day cutting down trees for fertilizer and still don't have enough.

On Tuesday I cut down more trees for fertilizer and almost have enough for all the seeds before I run out of energy yet again.  I was looking forward to trying fishing but spent the first 2 days chopping trees instead.

I've got my eye on Sebastian but he spends all his time in his darned bedroom working on his computer! (*cough* doesn't sound like anyone I know)

Wednesday I harvested some parsnips and wanted to buy more seeds only to discover that Pierre's is closed!  Darn it, I knew that from watching Youtube too.

I make my way to the beach and repair the bridge.

Then I catch my first fish ever!  I catch one more Herring that day.  I tried to fish a couple of other days this week to no avail I did not catch more fish.  *sigh*

All those parsnips leveled me up in farming.

Yes this is 12 days in and it's the first time I've gone to the mines.  I kept using all my extra energy chopping trees and attempting to fish!

The next morning Clint is all creepy waiting outside for me to wake up so he can give me blueprints for a furnace.  Unfortunately I didn't get enough copper the first day in the mines to make it.

After watering all the plants I head over to the Egg Festival.  I buy a bunch of strawberry seeds for next spring and lose the egg hunt to Abigail.

I level up again in farming!  Yay!  Bee house is a really good one to get.  I forgot to check what I need to make it the next day.

I spend all day Sunday at the mines.  Surprisingly I really like the mines and I hate fishing.  I thought it would be the opposite.  I have loved fishing in every other game.  I might just practice on one of my other saves to get better.  I'm hating wasting half a bar of energy not catching anything but trash.

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