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Monday, April 4, 2016

Stardew Valley Week 3- One Silly Mistake After Another

Week 3

I finally gave in and tried some fishing mods.  The first was easier fishing... I still couldn't catch a fish ummm not easy enough for me! Finally I got super easy fishingThe fish literally catch themselves.  I can't get the little treasure chests but oh well, beggers can't be choosers.  I feel like a big cheat but not being able to fish made the game no fun for me.

I start the week off great by harvesting the 5 gold parsnips that I need for the quality crops bundle at the community center.

Apparently not much happened Tuesday because I didn't take any screenshots.  On Wednesday I start the day off by watering Meowser.

Then I head to the museum to see Gunther about some glass shards that need donated.  He rewards me with melon seeds.

I try in vain to read the darned books that I've collected.  There is not a book missing it's there I see it!

*sigh*  Wiggly worms produce yet another unreadable book.

I test out the new fishing mod... yes I'm a big cheater.  :P

I thought it would be nice to show the nightly reports at the end of each day.

Yay cauliflower!  You must go to the community center at once!

But first, more seeds... wait, what's slimy Joja Morris doing here???  What a creep.

Here, have a parsnip I grew it myself.

What?  Wrong fish!  I sold the one I needed!  They looked so alike.

Well, at least the cauliflower completed my spring bundle.

I must plant potatoes.  We cannot have empty fertilized plots.

Aaaand back to town again for Pam's birthday present.

Wow.  Level 4 farming???

Not bad for a days work.

The large 24 slot pack shall be mine!

Bream meet your new home.

A parsnip for poor Linus because some jerk destroyed his tent!

So the day at the mine starts good.  I didn't get the copper I came for but I was enjoying myself.

Then it happened...


Thank goodness I didn't lose anything important.

Oh but no... the mistakes don't end with passing out in the mines.  I click on the guy in the adventurer's guild and accidentally buy a freaking 1000g topaz ring!

Thank goodness that day is over.

Noooo rainy day how can you forsake me so!  Not only did I not get the copper I needed in the mine but I bought that stupid ring and don't have the gold for the water can upgrade either.

I take everything sellable out of storage and sell it to Pierre in hopes that I can make enough and that I'm wrong about it being 5 copper bars.  *sigh*  No watering can upgrade for me.  I doubt there will be another rainy day in spring.  I'll have to wait until the end of the season.

I pout and fish while I wait to give Shane a present for his birthday.

*bangs head on desk*  I almost bought him a beer, then I didn't want to spend the gold and gave him a flower.  I run home to bed to sulk.

Of course I get the gold I needed at the end of the day.  Oh well, didn't have the copper anyway.  I end a day early because damn.  I've watched hours and hours of Stardew Valley on Youtube and Twitch and yet I made soooo many stupid mistakes this week!

Week 4 coming soon!

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