Monday, March 21, 2016

TS4- Runaway Teen Lovers Challenge: Test Run

This is a little step-by-step how to that I made while doing a test run of the Runaway Teen Lovers Challenge.

  • Download MC Command Center from Mod The Sims.  I have the link in the previous "setup" post for this challenge.  You'll also need to use the link provided by the maker to get the whoohoo part of the mod.
  • Under game options- other check script mods so that it's on.  Restart game.
  • Can't start a teen only household so your teens will need a guardian.  Send your teens off the lot before you kill off your guardian otherwise they will be too sad to whoohoo. Elder death is the fastest imo.  Here's a link to a page with all the cheat codes including deaths: Cheats.

I sent the teens away but poor Travis Scott walked by and cried his eyes out for this stranger.

  • I also used the cheat code on that page for maxxing the teens relationship.  They ran away together already of course they're romantic!
  • If you have Outdoor Retreat buy them a tent.
  •  You'll have to buy a computer temporarily to access MC Command Center.  It should pop up when you click on the computer.  Go to whoohoo actions- allow teens.  Then restart the game.

  • At this point you might think you did something wrong like I did.  Clicking on the tent didn't have an option for whoohoo and neither did their romance menus.  They had to have their first kiss and then it showed up!  
  • Don't make another mistake I made.  Have them try for baby several times before you travel to take the pregnancy test.  
  • Once she's pregnant sell the computer and set their funds to $0.  
 The first time they tried for baby she didn't end up pregnant.  She got a sad failed to conceive moodlet.

Here's my starter set-up.  You could also purchase a toilet temporarily for the pregnancy test.  I didn't think of it until after I'd already traveled to take it.

Now it's time to get to work making some money so they can eat.

Poor guy lost his fish.

I completely forgot about the cooler and they were starving by the next morning when they were able to buy the campfire.  Plopping a fridge down doesn't seem very realistic to me and I knew some areas wouldn't have grills accessible like this area did so I didn't use them.

By the end of day 2 they have a toilet but they're both so filthy they're miserable.

Day 3 they save up enough for a shower too and I have him propose to see if teens can marry.  They did but her last name didn't change?  I'm wondering if this is a Sims 4 thing and not anything to do with the mods but it's been almost a year since I played so I can't remember.

I didn't want to waste money on a bassinet so she waits the full time to give birth.  Notice something?  Yea, her belly is still there.  At this point I thought she had just gotten really fat and I wanted to change her last name anyway so I took her into CAS.  When I realized that I couldn't adjust the belly I exited out of it and ended up on the map screen.  Whenever I tried to access the save file I would get sent back to the map. So after some searching I decided to try taking the mods folder out and everything worked.  But I hadn't gotten a chance to save and got stuck playing almost all of it over again.  I guess I had some old outdated mod or bad CC in the folder.

The second time around I went for the cooler and it made a big difference.  As you can see in the pic she still has the pregnant belly after having the baby again.  So I looked in the comments for the Command Center mod and they said to modify it in CAS.

The cas.fulleditmode cheat worked.  I think I actually made her thinner than she was before the baby, oh well.  As you can see in the pic this time around they were able to afford a bedroom by the time the baby came.  This area seemed over-powered to me with tons of gatherables and a big garden.  I think this test was successful.  I plan to do a full playthrough after I buy Get Together.

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