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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Stardew Valley Week 1- Starting Out

A bunch of people on Twitter were talking about this new game Stardew Valley.  At the time I was on my old PC and by looking at the screenshots I had hoped I would be able to play it on the crappy graphics card.  No such luck.  I couldn't get my mouse to move over to the right of the screen.  I played one day like that, got lost and was returned to my home after I passed out at 2am!  LOL  So, after I got the new PC set up I started on day 2 of the same save but I had problems with my hard drive and had to wipe it so I lost the week I had played.  So this is actually my 3rd try starting this game.  Also, I'm pretty darn familiar with it because I've spent the last couple of weeks without a computer watching people play the game on Youtube and Twitch.

I started out by making my character (again) this time I skipped the intro.  Basically my grandfather gave me his farm.  After working for Joja Corp I decide to move to the country.

My first day I got some free parsnip seeds but I also went to town and spent all my gold buying more.

 The farm is a mess.  I have to use my tools to clear a spot to plant.

The planting has begun!

 Yay parsnips.

After planting I spend the rest of the day meeting people in town.  This is the local saloon.

A couple of days later and I've met everyone and it's time to harvest parsnips.

 I found some forageables on the way to town and decided to go back and store them and Marnie turned up with a stray cat that I named Meowser.

At the end of the day I get level 1 farming and can now make fertilizer.  I spend the next 2 days chopping down trees for sap to make fertilizer and planting crops until I run out of energy then searching for foragables and chatting with the locals.  I haven't figured out how to fish yet which really sucks.  Sorry I didn't take more screenshots, I'm out of practice.

Week 2 coming soon!

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