Thursday, March 3, 2016

TS4- Runaway Teen Lovers Challenge: Setup

Okay... I'm going to copy and paste my forum post here to make things easier:
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Okay guys, since I'm waiting for all the parts to build a new PC I've been watching a lot of Youtube let's plays. Recently I've been watching Simsuppy Rags to Riches Get Together. He's starting with 2 sims and it doesn't make things as easy as you'd think. Sooo the wheels started turning... what if we did a modified Runaway Teen Challenge with 2 sims? Then the idea came what if they were Runaway Teen Lovers?? Now some of you might be against this idea but I thought we could start off with the girl pregnant just to increase the difficulty! Which means a mod, I'm thinking inTeen because I really liked that mod in Sims 2.  Apparently Inteen is no more so a new suggestion was made by Fizzstix for MC Command Center. I was thinking to make it even harder they would start with $0 and can't leave the home lot until the baby is a child and then the child has to travel with them if they travel. I'm thinking of taking away the cost to travel to even things out some and because frankly it's annoying to constantly change funds. All of this is flexible at this moment so please leave your suggestions! I also want an end-point to this challenge. I'd like to complete the aspirations, increase the house size to having to have at least 2 bedrooms and the child aged to young adult. What do ya'll think? I've also dabbled with the idea of using an aging mod so they don't all age so fast? Lastly but most exciting I will be starting a new thread for everyone to post their sims that I can use whenever I do get my PC put together and start the trial of the challenge. (If someone wanted to play test it before then more power to you... my biggest question is: Is it possible to have them not travel from the home lot the first few days? Thanks!)

Here is the link to the submission page for your sims!

Possible mods:
MC Command Center (will need whoohoo add-on)
No School
Lifespan Mod (would have to be removed from the mods folder when working on other challenges)

Test Run 
Chapter 1

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