Wednesday, March 30, 2016

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- The Spring Fever Continues

Chapter 42

Cassandra Goth

Gemma and DK Rox

While making the family tree I realized that I have been calling the family Valdivia this whole time when the parent's last names were Rox.  It appears that the twins were born before they married and so had the last name Valdivia.  Oopsie!

 I realized that Logan and Makayla never got married so after sending Makayla around to meet all of Logan's family to invite them to the wedding they were off to the park to get married.
(Gemma died the day after the wedding and DK died the day after her.)

Logan's cousin Avery and Makayla's brother Joey were hot and heavy.

Logan tried to catch up with his twin sister Lyla but as usual she was in a bad mood.

The bride and groom share a cake.  As always there's some party crashers in the background.

Makayla introduces Jarrod and Avery to her sister Tara and mother Reece.

Jarrod and Tara seem to take an instant liking to each other.

The next day is Jarrod's birthday.  His last trait is cheerful.

He invites Tara over and things were going fine until he used a cheesy pickup line and they both got embarrassed.  Mabye another time.


It's Aaron Noble's birthday next.

He's a nerd brain and geek.

Alex and Alisha sneak off to the spa for some alone time.

 Alisha runs downstairs and takes a pregnancy test and runs back up to tell Alex that she's pregnant.


It's time to age Jace to a child.  He's a social butterfly and goofball.

Then, it's Hannah's birthday.

She's a musical genius and music lover.
(Boy those kids might have gotten their mom's hair but they got their dad's looks.)

Daxton gives Krystale a massage.

Then she attacks him in the hottub... erm just kidding.  Sure looks like it though.

The next morning when Daxton is cooking breakfast Krystale announces that she's pregnant again.

It's a triple birthday at the Jones household.  The twins Ashley and Adam and Zoe Zest all have the same birthday.  Ashley's last trait is goofball, Adam's is good and Zoe's is family oriented.

Xavier Zest tries his moves on Ashley.

Kaylie attempts to seduce Dominick Lothario even though he hasn't aged up yet.

Adam drags Zoe outside and tells her that he's liked her since the day he met her but thought it would be weird since she was living with them.  She feels the same way.

After the party Zoe kisses Adam.

Then they sneak out to the observatory when nobody is paying attention.


I checked on the Pancakes house to see if the growfruit is harvestable yet.  It isn't which makes me think that it only grows when I'm playing the household.  So I guess the spring challenge is a no-go.  On a funny note when I clicked on the fridge Chandler had the option to make silly gummy bear pancakes.  I've never seen those.

Keith Fogel from next door comes to visit.

Then Evan shows up looking for his son.

I had the option on master controller to get some townies pregnant.  This is the first one I've seen.


I realized that Kaci and Dillon will be aging up soon and I don't have anyone to pair them up with.  Instead of just finding gallery creations I thought it might be fun to have some of my challenge sims move in!  The boy is the son from my Whim Challenge.  His name was Xavier but I changed it to Tristan to avoid confusion with Xavier Zest.  The mother and daughter are from the 100 Baby Challenge.  The mom is Ember and the daughter is Harmony.  Look for more of them soon.
(The house is Black Mamba Modern by Pavlaprova.)

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