Friday, April 1, 2016

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- The Best Intentions

Chapter 43

At work Alex treats Jaxton Nunn for Llama flu.

Evan Fogel gets x-rays.

He had just gotten home from work when Alisha went into labor and they had to rush back to the hospital.  It's a girl Lark.

Big brother Aaron is giving his little sister a kiss when they get home.


Daxton feels the baby one last time before they also rush to the hospital to give birth.

Looks like Alex Noble doesn't leave the hospital he delivers their baby.  It's a girl as well, Braelyn.

Adam and Zoe have a little surprise.  It seems their birthday romp in the observatory resulted in a baby!

Adam asks Zoe to elope with him.

They exchange rings at home and wait for their baby to arrive.

Alex Noble also delivers their baby.  Adam is freaking out.  It's another girl, Quinn.

When they get home Sebastian the proud grandpa is cuddling his new granddaughter.


It's Jaxton's birthday!

He's a serial romantic and outgoing.


Nick Casey has been trying to get Star Goth's attention since he met her.  Finally one day when she comes to visit he flirts with her and gives her a kiss.

He takes her on a date to The Green Dragon Bar and Star tells him about her sister's upcoming wedding.

Thinking she would be thrilled to get married too Nick drops to one knee and proposes.  She rudely tells him no and he's mortified and goes home.


Looks like I was so busy trying to get a decent shot of the new house I forgot to hit tab.  I love this house.  It's Streamlet Single by pitbullboxer31.

Mallory throws a house party to celebrate and invites all the young sims she knows.  She flirts shamelessly with Marshall Goth.

Her twin Mary only has eyes for Marshall's twin Maxwell despite the odd party clothes.
(I tried to get more pics during the party but couldn't get the camera around the walls.)

Tristan and Harmony decide to go around Willow Creek and Oasis Springs introducing themselves to all the families.  Their first stop is Evan and Carlie Fogel's house.

Next they go to Deon and Lyla Purdue's and Tristan notices he's all itchy.

At Logan and Makayla's house Harmony starts feeling dizzy and they both get strange spots on their skin.

Tristan can hardly talk to Kevin Goth because of the horrible itching.

Harmony nearly passes out at Grayson and Nicole Goth's house.

They decide to continue on their goal to meet all the families despite not feeling well.

The last family they visit in Willow Creek are the Valdivia's.

Then it's off to Oasis Springs where they meet Tara L'Amour.

Jazmine was not happy when Tristan sneezed all over her.

Meeting everyone while sick turns out to be quite the chore.

They keep going, telling themselves it's only a few more houses.

Nick Casey and his mom were not thrilled to see 2 sick people outside of their house.

Angelo Lothario was polite and mentioned that his parents live next door.

When Harmony jumps into the pool with them Catalina is not thrilled.

Their last stop is the Zest house.  They decide to go home after that because they both still feel horrible.

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