Thursday, April 14, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Truth and Consequences

Chapter 52

 Hannah goes to Aaron looking for comfort after her parents shocking divorce.

 When Alisha finds them she offers to set up a cot in the living room for Hannah to stay as long as she needs to.

 The family does their best to try to cheer her up.

 When Daxton shows up looking for his daughter Alisha tells him off.

Once tempers are cooled down a bit they all sit down and Daxton tries to convince Hannah to come home but fails.

He doesn't even have the heart to give the dad speech to Aaron.  He just sighs take care of my baby and leaves.

To add more stress to the day Nebula catches herself on fire cooking!

Poor Nebula, she's so stressed out she's glowing orange.  Luckily Aaron put the flames out that were on her because she ran out of the room before the sprinklers even turned on!  What a crazy day.


Skye is sad because she has been trying to get pregnant and still hasn't gotten pregnant.

Rocco comforts her and tells her about a magical well he heard about and that mabye if they wish for a child they'll have one.

Skye makes her wish.

She actually didn't get pregnant until the 2nd time trying even with the moodlet.

Wishing Well Fever
I really wanted to see what the well does so here are some of the random outcomes I got from different neighborhood residents...
Krystle hates living in her little house in Windenburg.  She wishes for wealth hoping to get a bigger one.

She uses the well's secret to blackmail her ex-husband in hopes that she will be rich again.

Better luck next time Krystle.

Avery wishes for romance.

There's a puff of smoke and she acts really happy.

Then this hideously ugly guy pops out and is a ready-made boyfriend!

I had the only playable ghost in the neighborhood wish for life but the well didn't seem happy even though he gave a huge offering.  Instead he got a sad moodlet.

I had this girl and her roommate wish for love and they both got bad luck in love with these black hearts swirling around their heads.

Hugo wishes for love.

The only single teen in the park is Jaxton and he's a serial romantic anyway so he uses the pick-up line on him.  It gave them a slight pink bar but nothing more.  Mabye he had to use it on a girl?

His brother Max wishes for happiness.

He had a +1 happy moodlet from meeting someone new in the park and it was decreasing that moodlet once he got this one!  

Okay, at this point I was going to start having random sims wish for kids and stuff just to see what happened and decided enough was enough and saved and quit while I was ahead, lol!

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