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Thursday, July 31, 2014

So much happened!

So much happened since my last post.  Simone had her birthday...

Rhys had his birthday... a job and moved out.

Simone and Irving got married.

The cat died!

Which made Simone faint...

So, Simone has the following traits:
(which most suck but I don't get to pick them so oh well)


Her lifetime wish is The Animal Rescuer.  The cat that died was stray #1 of the 6 she has to rescue.  Oddly enough Irving has the same lifetime wish.  But since I can't count the same wish twice it kinda sucks too.  Oh and Tomas, the dad, fulfilled his lifetime wish today to be a world renound surgeon!  I forgot to get a painting of Rhys before he moved out so that sucks.  His was the first painting I didn't get since the founder.  Dunno what I was thinking!  I guess I was eager to get going on the baby making for generation 9.

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