Wednesday, August 6, 2014

TS3- Baby Challenge 1.2: Update

So since I was having absolutely no lag problems with my runaway teen challenge in a new world I decided to leave the custom made world I had used for my legacy family and move to Riverview since I've never lived there.  I also saved to file all of the family and plopped them down in Riverview as well.  I got Ariella a new house off of the exchange that was made for the 100 baby challenge.  Here's the link.  It was built by TarynTempestwind.  So far my only complaint is it's too green, lmao.  So I aged up Ethan to a toddler... taught him to talk, walk and potty trained him then aged him up again.  I'll get a pic for the next post.  The reason I aged him up so fast is that Ariella is now pregnant!  She wasted no time running over and meeting her neighbor Don Lothario and after what seemed like forever she managed to do the deed.  As she was leaving someone else was visiting Don so I plan to make him my next baby daddy.  I haven't changed it to allow more than 8 in a household yet so I'll have to do that soon I think.  Oh and btw Ethan has terrible traits.  2 of them are loner and inapropriate.  Rolling for traits sucks!

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