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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Runaway Teen- Week 3

The first photo is Spooky Day and she finally can afford a mini fridge, table and chair!  No more eating produce for her! 

The second photo she expanded her house to a second floor. 

And the third reveals a surprise... her dog Fang found supernovium!  So she was able to make expand the house more, make a seperate bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.  Which, by the rules meant she could turn on her phone.  She also upgraded the bathroom and bought a computer, couch and tv.  With some extra simoleans left still I feel a bit lost. 

She did have the option to take on a lifetime wish of renaissance sim: master 3 skills so I granted that.  She is already halfway through on gardening and fishing.  I am thinking it is time to find her a boyfriend and add some interest back to the game.  So it a little over 3 weeks for Sophie to be set up in a decent house.  She can get a part time job now but I think I'd rather she concentrate on her skills and finding a man.  Hehe

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