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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sims 4 Day 2- Ellis Family

A lot has happened to Rita since my last post.  She got married and then divorced.  But I couldn't figure out how to make him move out so I had to go to create-a-sim and delete him from the family.  Kinda weird.  They had opposing traits and he was about to age up to elder.  The divorce hit Rita hard and I had fun with all of her whims that came from her being so sad.  Such as call the saddness hotline and cry it out in bed.  Once she was over that she met Chandler.  Within a day I decided to move him in.  He has the loves the outdoors trait so he fishes a lot.  Rita was supposed to age up to adult but she never did until I bought her a birthday cake.  It must have been a bug because Chandler aged up to an elder all on his own.  He was sad about that because his birthday was forgotten.  Opps.  I was kinda hoping he just wouldn't age up.  Meanwhile they had a baby daughter named Sarah.  Babies are weird.  You can't tell what's wrong with them when they cry unless they have a dirty diaper.  You can even age them up right away but I didn't.  I think children make up for no toddlers even though it's kinda odd having a full grown kid pop out of a bassinet.  Sarah has her own aspirations and I gave her the creative trait.  She has been fun to play so far.  I did a full blown wedding event for Rita and Chandler and got a gold award for the party.  Pretty cool.  They got married under a wedding arch and cut the cake Rita baked.  Rita is level 7 of the comedian career, Chandler just fishes and Sarah just had her first day of school.  I like how the school has things to do like jobs.  Sarah needs to get to level 4 in 2 skills.  She's almost there already.  All in all I'm liking the game.  I've also watched some Twitch feeds and Youtube videos of people playing.  That's a good way to learn stuff you didn't know and get ideas of stuff to do.  :)

 Rita doing a comedy routine for tips.

 Chandler fishing.

 Rita holding baby Sarah.

 Chandler finally proposes.

 Sarah right after she popped out of the bassinet!

Chandler and Sarah chatting on her bed.

The wedding ceremony.

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