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Friday, September 5, 2014

Sims 4 Day 3- Ellis Family

I thought before I take a break from the Ellis family to start my legacy I would do a quick update post.  The biggest news from the family is that Chandler died.  He actually got saved by his daughter Sarah.  She was feeling confident and walked up to the reaper and demanded Chandler be spared.  Which he was for a day and a half.  Not really worth it unless you have some loose ends to tie I guess.  Despite him being saved Rita started mourning him while he was still alive.  Sarah never mourned him.  She got a good buff for her interaction with the reaper but that's it.  So mabye children don't mourn?  After Chandler died the second time the reaper stayed in the house and watched tv for a bit while Rita and Sarah slept.  It was really funny. 

Sarah became a teen.  She aged up from a skinny little child to an overweight teen so I've had her on the new treadmill.  I've read on the forums that it's really easy to get overweight in this game.  Rita is also overweight compared to when I made her.  Sarah finished her childhood aspiration within just a few minutes of aging, whew!  She's now in high school and working on her new aspiration which I completely forget. 

Rita became an elder.  I had her bake a cake so she wouldn't get the sad forgotten birthday thing.  I changed her clothes and hair in the mirror because she looked silly as a elder the way she was dressed.  She is almost at the end of her comedy career but hasn't gotten close to completing her aspiration.  I plan to play the Ellis family whenever I get tired of the strict rules of the legacy challenge.  But you know me, I love challenges!

 This pic is from the first time that Chandler died.

 After being spared Chandler and Rita chatted with the reaper.

 Sarah doing her homework after aging up.

 Sarah and Mom chatting it up.

Rita after aging elder.  I changed her hair and clothes after this pic.

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