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Friday, September 5, 2014

Sims 4 My Legacy Founder

For more info on the legacy challenge and rules please visit The Sims Legacy Challenge
Here are my succession laws for this challenge:
  • Equality- Either a male or female can become heir.
  • Modern- Both natural born and adopted children can become heir.
  • Merit- The child with the most fully completed aspirations will become heir.  If it is a tie, the child with the highest single skill will become heir.
There are a lot of rules and ways to earn points for this challenge and I will not list them here.  I did make myself a spreadsheet to try to keep track of them all.  It's just craziness.

So here is my founder Nyssa Marx.  Sound familiar?  
Nyssa Marx was the founder of my TS3 legacy.  I just really like the name.  

Nyssa has the Successful Lineage aspiration
Her traits are: 
Family oriented
Loves the outdoors

After bulldozing the largest lot and buying a suit of armor to put in my inventory all I had simoleans left for was a nice bed and a cheap fridge.  The rest I will have to get from lots such as the gym.

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