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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sims 4... First Impressions- Ellis Family

Shortly after midnight I booted up my game.  First I was told what  extra content would be available in game.  Next I was taken to create-a-sim where I was dissapointed to find that my sims from the demo were not there.  Only the one I had shared to the gallery.  I tried searching online for a solution but the game is so new there was no info.  So I ended up going back to the demo and sharing the sim I wanted to play to the gallery.  I started off the game with 20,000 simoleans.  I bought an empty lot and found a cute little cottage on the gallery to plop down.  Too cool.  Props to Ruthless for the house creation.

What I noticed right away were that there are sims everywhere!  Like just outside my house there were a bunch.  My sim wanted to meet 10 people and it took no time at all.  I met most outside the house and the rest at the gym.  She needs 4 friends for work and I think that will be a little harder.  I got her the comedian job since she's a party animal.  The amount of time that she is gone at her rabbit hole career doesn't seem like long at all.

The load screens and save screens were very quick.  I had no lag at all and I'm running an old computer.  So far I am very pleased with the game and look forward to jumping back in after I wake up because it's been over 2 hours and I need to get back to bed!  Night night all.  :)

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