Friday, October 10, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Baby Maddness Begins!

Score: 53

Why do I say baby maddness?  Because I insanely decided to try to get 10 kids in one generation for the extra point.  I already have these crazy numerical based names picked out for boys and girls.  Yep, I lost it!  With that I give you your review:
  • I downloaded Legacy Loves 2 by TorchwoodAngel off the gallery and stuck them in a house for Riley to meet.
  • I got Riley the fertile reward before she even met her future hubby.  Would you say I'm a bit eager?
  • Riley goes to visit her potential mates.  She picks the most unlikely candidate because he has 2 traits none of the spouses have had and that'll give me enough for a point.
  • Kevin Russ is a gloomy, loner and snob.  His aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire which sucks because Isabel just finished that one.
  • Kevin got a job in the painting career and Riley got a job in the criminal career.
  • I had both of them drink a flirty potion and flirt until try for baby came up.  Riley got pregnant on the first try!
  • Annabeth completed The Curator aspiration.  I chose Master Chef as her 3rd.
  • Kevin completed the 1st part of the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.
  • Annabeth painted a painting to memorialize Kevin.  It was her 1st masterpiece!
  • Riley finally gives birth to twin girls Una for one and Duex for two.
  • Kaylyn and Kaylee age up to young adult the same day.  Kaylyn's last trait is romantic and Kaylee's is hot-headed.
  • I moved them out immediately.
  • I'm thinking of moving Gabriel and Annabeth out too.  To make more room for kids.
  • Right after the twins were born Riley got pregnant again.
  • Riley completed the 3rd part of her Chief of Mischief aspiration.  The last part is going to be hard because she has to clog drains at 5 different houses and I don't even have sims living in 5 houses!
  • Annabeth completed the frogs collection.  That's 1 more point.
  • Even with 4 adults in the house twins are hard!
  • Bills $4,169.
  • Annabeth reached cooking level 10.
  • The twins age up.
  • Una's trait is loner and her aspiration is Social Butterfly.  Just with that combo I know she won't be heir.
  • Duex's trait is glutton and her aspiration is Whiz Kid.  I've never managed to complete the whiz kid aspiration so I doubt she'll be heir.
  • Gabriel aged up to elder.
  • Riley has a baby girl named Terza for 3.  She didn't have twins, I'm so mad!
  • The only thing keeping me back from moving Gabriel and Annabeth out is how much money Gabriel makes.  I'm seriously thinking of moving them out still to make room for kids.

 Riley visits the Legacy Loves 2 house.

 She takes an interest in Kevin for his traits.

 Kevin moves in and Riley gets out the flirty potions.

 Riley and Kevin's first kiss.

 Riley after discovering she's pregnant.

 Riley in her 3rd trimester.

 Pregnant again!

 Riley holding Una while Duex sleeps.

 Another collection completed!

 Una becomes a child.

 Duex becomes a child.

 Duex, Una and Kevin eating.

 Gabriel becomes an elder.

 Riley right after Terza's birth.

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