Thursday, October 9, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Generation 9 Here We Come!

Score: 51

Ok ok so there's not a generation 9 as of yet.  But Riley, our heir, finally aged up to young adult so I'm excited.  The only problem is she doesn't have a spouse yet.  Oopsie.  Once I'm done with this post I'll be scouring the gallery #LegacyLoves for some potential mates.  Yay!  Until then here is everything that has happened leading up to Riley's birthday:
  • Apparently a voodoo doll can be bought off the computer for $950.  Riley binded it to Annabeth because she's always home.
  • I hadn't realized Gabriel was supposed to be doing daily space missions for his job.  Makes sense.  Duh.
  • I've decided to take an ISBI (I'm Surrounded By Idiots) approach to the twins.  I'm not controlling them at all.  I just want them out of the house!
  • Isabel had only 1 more masterpiece to paint for Painter Extraordinaire and she did it!  I can't believe she lived long enough to finish 2 aspirations.  I think she completed 2 as a child as well so that's 4 in one lifetime.  Way to go Isabel!
  • Annabeth ages up to adult. 
  • Gabriel safely returns from his 1st trip into space.  It looks like he'll need 2 trips a day for work.  I worry because he's so close to completing the astronaut career.
  • I had Riley drink the insta-lean potion from the reward store.  All three sisters turned out chunky.  She's skinny as a twig now, lol.
  • Riley uses her sisters to increase her mischief skill.
  • I'm thinking of having Riley have 10 kids to get the last point in family.  I asked Pinstar (the creator of the challenge if you didn't know) and he says I can move the kids out as teens to make room.  I figure whoever completes the most childhood aspirations will be the heir.  Since Riley will bring in generation 9 she's my last chance if I want to do this.  The challenge ends when generation 10 is born.
  • Annabeth got her last crystal to complete the 1st part of her curator aspiration and I didn't even realize it.  Now I have to remember to have her breed the frogs for the next part.  It might be easier to remember this time around since I'm trying to complete that collection.
  • Isabel reached cooking level 10.
  • Isabel made a painting to memorialize Riley.
  • Riley completed the 2nd part of her Chief of Mischief aspiration.
  • Riley got a B in school.
  • Isabel passes away.  Riley is the only one to mourn.
  • Riley starts increasing her mischief skill by spying on the neighbors in the observatory.
  • Annabeth takes up painting now that her Mom is gone.
  • It's really weird not having Isabel around.
  • Gabriel crash landed the spaceship.  He had to rebuild it.
  • Annabeth completed the 3rd part of her Curator aspiration.  Now all she needs is those My Sims dolls I've been selling all along, ooops!
  • Bills $5,312... time to get the frugal reward again.
  • Gabriel reached the max level of the astronaut career!
  • Riley got an A in school.
  • Riley aged up to young adult.
 Riley gets her voodoo doll.

Gabriel after his 1st space mission.
 Riley drinks the insta-lean.

 Riley after the insta-lean.

 A award that Gabriel got for work.

 Annabeth searches for frogs.

 Isabel passes away of old age.

 I don't even know how Riley got there but she was the only one to mourn.

 Gabriel after crash landing his spaceship.

 Gabriel building his new career reward spaceship.

Riley is finally a young adult!

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