Saturday, October 11, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Kids Everywhere!

Score: 53

So yes I have decided I am insane for trying to get 10 kids in one generation just for an extra point!  There are now kids everywhere and they all need something and it's driving me nuts!  Poor Riley gets a short break in baby making until Una and Duex move out.  I'm so glad that Pinstar said I could move them out as teens or there's no way I'd be doing this.  Anyway enough with my crazed rant here is your update:
  • I decided to move out Gabriel and Annabeth to make room for more kids.  It was a really hard decision to make.
  • Riley and Kevin tried for baby and made it on the 1st try.  I (was) hoping for triplets.
  • Baby Terza cries a lot.  I swear she's as bad as twins.
  • Riley keeps throwing up.  It's really gross because she has to clean the toilet afterwards.  I've never had a sim throw up so much during pregnancy.
  • I must have missed the notification that it was Terza's birthday because all of the sudden she popped out of the basinet!  Her trait is cheerful and her aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.
  • Riley has twin boys Quatre (4) & Quintus (5) no triplets, darn.
  • Riley is of course expecting another baby.
  • Duex completed the 1st part of the Whiz Kid aspiration.
  • Terza completed the 1st part of the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
  • Bills $4,099.
  • Terza completed the 2nd pat of her aspiration.
  • Quatre and Quintus age up.
  • Quatre's trait is loner and his aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.
  • Quintus's trait is glutton and his aspiration is also Artistic Prodigy.
  • Duex got a B in school.
  • Quatre and Quintus completed the 1st part of their aspirations.
  • Riley has a baby girl named Six.  (like Six in the tv show Blossom, lol)
  • All of the kids took one look at Six and either got a sad about new sibling or mad about unwanted sibling moodlet.  It was pretty funny.
 I just wanted to take a pic of all of my shelves of potions.

 Riley pregant for the 3rd time.

 Riley reading to Duex while Una eats.

 The lighting in this picture is awful but this is Terza popping out of her basinet.

 Riley pregnant for the 4th time, she doesn't look pleased.

Dad taking care of Quatre.  I had to move the basinets into the living room.
 Quintus and Quatre right after aging up.

 I bought a second art table since they both have the same aspiration.

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