Monday, October 13, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Finally Got 10 Kids!

Score: 56

Yep you read the title right.  10 kids.  Whew.  All for one point.  Yep I'm crazy.  After I finish this challenge I'm either taking a break from Sims 4 for awhile or doing a challenge that doesn't involve kids!  The competition isn't as fierce as it was in my last post.  So far Quatre is still the heir.  The only one left that might beat him is Seven.  The other 3 kids have the Whiz Kid aspiration which in my opinion is way too hard!  So is the last part of Social Butterfly.  About the wedding... I had this picture in my head of all 10 kids at the wedding and how cool it would be.  They were there but never in the same place and I never got a pic of the kids like I planned all along.  Mabye a dinner party I don't know!  Anyway here is your update:
  • Bills $4,258.
  • I got Kevin the fertile reward too hoping it would guarantee twins.
  • Riley is pregnant again.
  • Six completed her 2nd aspiration and chose Social butterfly as her 3rd.  Unlike Quatre she has school, he worked on his on the weekend.
  • Six and Seven travel to the park so that Six can meet 10 people and Seven can play on the monkeybars.  Six completes the 1st part of her 3rd aspiration.
  • Saving the game takes forever now that I've been playing it so long.  It's to the point where I want to get up and find something else to do while it saves.
  • Octavius ages up to child.  His trait is loner (I keep getting loners!) and his aspiration is Whiz Kid.
  • Six ages to teen the same day.  Her trait is lazy and her aspiration is Joke Star.
  • Six did not beat Quatre so she moves out.
  • Riley had a baby girl Nona (9).  Even with both having fertile she didn't have twins. 
  • Riley is pregnant again.  This time for sure is the last time!
  • Octavius completed the 1st part of the Whiz Kid aspiration.
  • Kevin reached the top of the painter career!  If Riley can get to the top of the criminal career I'll have completed all of them.
  • Quatre completed the 1st part of his bodybuilder aspiration.
  • Kevin completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration and chose Master Chef as his 2nd.
  • Nona ages to child.  Her trait is genius and her aspiration is Whiz Kid.  Good combo!
  • Baby 10 is born!  Baby girl Decime.  I was so worried I'd have twins and end up with 11.
  • Bills $4,508.
  • Riley ages to adult.  I think all of those pregnancies lengthened her life, lol.
  • Octavius completed the 2nd part of his Whiz Kid aspiration.
  • Nona completed the 1st part of her Whiz Kid aspiration.
  • Seven completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and chose Artistic Prodigy as her 2nd.  She completed parts 1 and 2 the first day.
  • Decime ages to child her trait is cheerful and her aspiration is also Whiz Kid.
  • Octavius gets a B in school.
  • I took a bunch of stuff out of the kitchen/living area and put in a big table to get the point for having 6 sims eating at the same time.  Quatre was off jogging for his aspiration so it was just Mom, Dad and the 4 younger kids.
  • After 10 kids Kevin finally proposes to Riley.
  • They had the wedding the next day after school.  They got a gold scoring me another point.
 This is Seven, I forgot a pic in the last post.

 Riley pregnant the 7th time.

Octavius pops out of his basinet.
 Six ages to teen.

 Dad reading to Octavius.

 Riley doesn't look thrilled about her 8th pregancy.

Nona after popping out of her basinet.
 Mom reads to Decime after she ages to child.

 The remaining 4 children with their parents having dinner.

 Kevin proposes.

 Finally after 10 kids they have a wedding.

 Have a ring my dear.  Hehehe

 Kevin shares his cake with Riley.

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