Monday, October 13, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Legacy Complete!

Final Score: 61

That's right, the legacy is over.  I can't believe it.  I have this buzzed feeling I'm so excited!  But you still need your update and pics so here they are for the final time:
  • Decime completed the 1st part of her Whiz Kid aspiration.
  • Seven ages up to teen without completing her aspiration.  Her new trait is Loves the Outdoors and her aspiration is Freelance Botanist.  Would have been a good combo if I was keeping her in the house.
  • Seven moves out.  She was the last one of the kids with a chance to beat out Quatre for heir.  The remaining 3 are Whiz Kids.
  • Nona completed the 2nd part of her aspiration.
  • Riley reached programming level 10.
  • Quatre ages to young adult his last trait is genius.
  • Quatre is for sure the heir there is no way the kids can beat him with the Whiz Kid aspiration.
  • I placed the Legacy Spouses by JCobe2810 in a house.  One of the girls has pink hair and it just stood out to me.  I didn't spend much time looking because I knew I wasn't going to be playing her long.
  • Kevin reached cooking skill level 10.
  • While the kids were at school Quatre visits the Legacy Spouses house.  The pink haired girl is named Lexie.  He made friends with her and invited her to move in right away.
  • Lexie's traits are creative, art lover and childish.  Unbelieveably I didn't have any of these traits in a spouse yet so she earned me a point!  Her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire.
  • They flirt some then try for baby.  Lexie gets pregnant on the 1st try.
  • Bills $4,617.
  • Riley gets level 10 mischief skill.  This is the last thing she needs for her job.
  • Octavius gets an A in school.  
  • Kevin paints paintings memorializing Quatre and Lexie.
  • Kevin ages to elder.
  • Decime completes the 2nd part of her aspiration.
  • Lexie keeps playing with the kids toys it's so cute.  I wish I had had a childish sim before this.
  • Octavius completed the Whiz Kid aspiration right before his birthday.  He's my first to ever complete it.
  • Octavius's trait is perfectionist and his aspiration is Party Animal.
  • Riley got to the top of the criminal career!  I got the "knack of all trades" achievement giving me another point.
  • Lexie gives birth to a girl.  Baby Kaleigh Marx completes the challenge!
 Seven ages to teen.  She looks so cute.

 Quatre ages to young adult.

 Quatre meets Lexie and her friends.

 Lexie and Quatre find a quiet place to talk alone.

 First Kiss.

 Lexie looks really happy to be pregnant.

 Kevin ages to elder.

 Lexie playing with the dollhouse.

 Octavius ages to teen.

 Quatre holding baby Kaleigh.

Creative- 5
Fortune- 6
Love- 7
Knowledge- 6
Athletic- 8
Nature- 5
Food- 3
Deviance- 9

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