Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TS4 The Marx Legacy- Looks Like Another Early Naming of Heir

No point in making you wait here is your updates:
  • I changed Riley's clothes, the clothes the game gave her were terrible.
  • The Chief of Mischief aspiration doesn't interest me at all.  Mabye if I was only playing one sim but with so many it's going to be hard to do.
  • It's so sad how sims cry in their sleep.  Isabel and Riley are still mourning Dane.
  • Riley got started with her mischief with her aunt and uncle who just happened to be at the park.
  • Meanwhile the twins play chess to up their mental skill.
  • Riley managed to get her aunt Michelle and Uncle Hayes to dislike her before leaving the park.
  • The twins still need a lot before completing their aspirations.  Whiz Kid is just too hard!
  • Isabel invited Duncan over so that Riley could have a 3rd person dislike her for her aspiration.
  • Riley completed the 1st part of the Chief of Mischief aspiration.
  • Since Duncan was there I had him become friends with Gabriel for his job.
  • The twins spend the whole weekend working their butts off on their aspirations.  They age up on Monday after school.  An A in school is not easy!
  • Hayes came to visit so Gabriel made friends with him.  Now he has all the friends needed for his job.
  • Kaylyn and Kaylee stayed up late into the night Sunday trying to get a 10 in mental skill for their aspiration.  Kaylyn didn't make it before school started.
  • Bills $4,084.
  • Kaylyn got an A in school but not lvl 10 in mental and Kaylee got lvl 10 in mental but didn't get an A in school so neither of the twins achieved the Whiz Kid aspiration.  I'm so disappointed!
  • The twins age up to teens.
  • Kaylyn's trait is outgoing and her aspiration is soulmate.
  • Kaylee's trait is clumsy and her aspiration is Friend of the World.
  • With a score of 7 to 2 it looks like Riley is our next heir.  The Soulmate aspiration requires Kaylyn to be an adult and the Friend of the World aspiration requires Kaylee to befriend 2 neighbors, which we have none so it looks like our winner is Riley.
  • Riley needs a voodoo doll for her aspiration so I guess I'll have to find out where to get one.  I'm not thrilled with my heir's Chief of Mischief aspiration.  I hope it turns out more fun than it seems like it will be.
 Riley working on getting her aunt and uncle to dislike her.

 Kaylyn and Kaylee working on that mental skill.  Hayes and Cole are in the background.

 For some reason everyone decided to eat in the kids bedroom.

Kaylyn after her birthday. (she's the one all the way to the left)
 Kaylee after her birthday.  (she's the one with the glasses)

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