Wednesday, January 14, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- The Count Is Up To 40!

After looking at houses on the gallery for hours I picked one called Chocolate Love by ladyteruki712.  I made some changes right away: I removed the bar and put the babies there, I took everything from the 2 upstairs bedrooms and put in beds for the kids, I also took out the monkey bars and put in a pool.  After a few days I decided to take out the 2nd set of sofas and put in a dining room table.  Everyone was leaving plates everywhere.

 pic: Kassie, Zedd, Zuri, Kyle and Lizbeth in the dining room

 pic: Mom's art studio

 pic: The outside of the house

 pic: The kitchen

pic: The kids area upstairs
Pic: The living room

Despite the new house Ulises (the most recent baby daddy) won't leave.  I'm letting him stay for now to see how long he stays.  After 2 days I figured out why he hadn't left.  When I changed houses the lot type went back to generic.  I had to evict and change to residential.  What a pain, I hope they fix this soon.

Being in storage must have bugged the babies.  They aren't crying and I got a warning that they might get taken away.

Emma gave birth to twins: a boy Davin and a girl Denise.  The house is full again.  Emma aged up to adult after giving birth.

 pic: Emma drinks the insta-lean that her mother left for her

 Emma after the insta-lean.

Lizbeth gets an A in school and moves out.

After watching outside the house for hours and not finding any men Emma goes to the nightclub and meets Dillon Jawa (the 1st blond guy in the challenge so far) she invites him on a date at her house and is pregnant again.

Kyle and Kassie get A's and move out.

Emma gives birth to twins: a girl Erin and a boy Shaun.

The next day Emma met Nicolas Sadler at the park and brought him home.  She is pregnant yet again.

Zuri got an A in school but Zedd didn't.  I had her move out without her twin to make room for possible twins.

Hours later Emma gives birth to twin boys Brock and Troy making the baby count 40!

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