Thursday, January 15, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- First Triplets Then Emma Ages to Elder!

Zedd and Denise got A's and moved out.

Emma met Bryan Cardenas practically on her doorstep and quickly seduced him and was pregnant again.

Davin, Erin and Shaun got A's and moved out.

Emma gave birth to twin girls Lia and Lexi.

Emma met Tate Webber outside of the house after searching the nightclub and park for men and was quickly pregnant.

Emma gives birth to triplets!  My first triplets in The Sims 4.  I was shocked.  2 girls Lizette and Sonja and a boy Dwayne.

pic: Emma with the triplets.  Boy were they hard to take care of!

Brock got an A and moved out.

Emma meets elder Jim Coustier in the neighborhood and invites him to stay the night to get him to the house.  She is pregnant again and this will be her last pregnancy.

Emma gave birth to a baby girl Kaci.

Troy got an A and moved out.

Emma aged up to elder making Kaci the heir.

pic: Emma ages to elder.

pic: Emma with her heir baby Kaci.

Baby count is up to 46.
Raina had 21 and Emma had 25!

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