Monday, January 19, 2015

TS4 Whim Challenge- Froghunting in Sylvan Glade

Raven has been a busy little bee completing one whim after another. As I said in my last post some are annoying like having to invite a specific person over to "get to know" them.

pic: In this case she had to invite over Don Lothario.  For some odd reason when people come over they walk into the bathroom and knock on the door from the inside.  She has so many visitors that at times she has to kick someone out of the bathroom so she can use the toilet.

Because she loves the outdoors she has had the whim several times to plant something.  I of course switched over to the gardening aspiration for this to get her even more points.

pic: I guess I'm not very creative because all that Raven planted was bluebells.  Here she is weeding them.

I was thinking about how all of my sims end up getting fat and how Raven has such a cute shape so I switched to the exercise aspiration and had her work out.

pic: Here is Raven at the gym watching the cooking channel on the tv while chatting with the man beside her.  I haven't had her work out much, I need to get back to it.  She's only had a few whims to work out which is why I forget about it.

I'm trying to complete the frog collection for Raven's Curator aspiration.  I decided to have her go to Sylvan Glade since it's right in her neighborhood.  Mabye there are frogs there.

pic: Raven makes it into the tree for Sylvan Glade but when she gets there I realize she's hungry and she has to leave.

I decide to have Raven work on the cooking aspiration.  She has to eat, might as well. 

pic: Here's Raven cooking on the stove for the 1st time ever.  She reached cooking level 5 all on salads.  I figured at this point she should be safe to cook.

pic: Raven spent most of a day at Sylvan Glade frogcatching.  She caught 2 frogs she didn't have and now only needs 5 for her collection to be complete.

I find myself constantly torn between wanting to complete aspirations and following Raven's mini whims.  Some of the whims are impossible to complete at the time she gets them.  Like she wanted to fertilize a plant but only had level 2 gardening skill.  She had that whim for several days until she reached level 3 and could fertilize.  Other whims as I have said are just annoying.  I'm not into socializing and these whims to meet a new sim or hug a sim keep coming up.  This challenge has made me look at whims in a whole new light.

6 days to adult
Raven's aspiration points- 12,325
Whims completed- 178

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