Monday, January 19, 2015

TS4 Whim Challenge- Raven Completes Her Aspiration

Raven throws a dinner party because she is working on the cooking aspiration.  She needs a silver to go further.  She gets a gold.

pic: I went through all the trouble to put out a table for the guests and only one guest used it.

pic: All of the guests clustered around the kitchen area instead of using the table.

pic: I temporarily bought a bar also for one of the steps for the dinner party.

pic: Raven works on the Bodybuilder aspiration.  The only problem is sore muscles make her uncomfortable.

pic: Raven also started working on the computer whiz aspiration.  She did a lot of talking.

pic: After leaving the library Raven has the whim to buy a computer.  I like her little pink desk that matches all of her toys.

pic: By breeding frogs Raven completes the frog collection thereby completing the Curator aspiration!  This is very exciting because the challenge can't be completed unless a aspiration is complete. 

After completing her aspiration I sell all of the contents of Raven's inventory.  I was holding on to all of the frogs and some other stuff.  She made almost $5,000 simoleans selling it all.

Days till age to adult- 1
Satisfaction points- 18,190
whims- 227

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