Saturday, January 17, 2015

TS4 Whim Challenge- Meet Raven Light

Pictured above is the sim for this challenge Raven Light.  I took "Anime Girl with CC Outfit" by Pompfi off of the gallery and changed her clothes and traits and aspiration.  I put her on an empty lot because I wanted to build as she wished for stuff.  But she never wished for anything the first day but to meet and talk to people and fish.  Finally I ended up putting out the essentials.  On the second day she wished for a tv and a pool.

This is what her lot looks like for now.  She loves the outdoors so I don't see any big deal camping out on the yard.  Oh she also wished for a toy which is why the giant unicorn is there.  She wished to dance to radio music so she has a radio.

Are you getting the theme here yet?  Figured out the challenge?  Basically you follow all of the sims whims or wishes whatever you want to call them.  You have to finish their aspiration.  You can't cancel out any whims.  Trust me it's harder than you'd think not to cancel them out!  You can't spend their reward points because that is how you count your score in the end.  To find out more about this challenge check out the forums here: Official Whims Challenge Thread

So meet Raven!  I am playing on the normal lifespan.  Her Aspiration is Curator but I am also switching back and forth between that and Angling Ace to get more points.  Her traits are childish, loves the outdoors and cheerful.  I love her bubble gum pink hair and anime eyes.

I also have to try to keep her in a good mood all the time too.  All of this is much different than I usually play which is why I thought it would be fun.  Normally I cancel out whatever whims I don't think I can immediately achieve.  I don't pay attention to satisfaction points unless I am trying to buy something.  I'm hoping this challenge will be a fun break from the baby challenge.

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