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Saturday, February 7, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- Starting Out

Yep you guessed it, I started yet another challenge.  I love me some challenges!  This one is the Nomad Challenge.  For the rules and info check out VanillaChai's post here.  Basically you have to complete a perfect garden, complete all of the gathering collections and have a house worth 350,000 simoleans.  You have to have a museum with all of the collections in it.  I'm thinking of making the museum my "house".  When you first start out, until you complete a collection you can only have portable stuff like a tent, campfire, chairs, ect.  Oh and you can't have a job.  I think it's going to be a very difficult challenge.

pic:  Meet Jax and Skyla Aiken

Jax has the Curator aspiration.  His traits are loves the outdoors,  goofball and loner.

Skyla has the Freelance Botanist aspiration.  Her traits are loves the outdoors, good and genius.

I start the challenge out by buying an outdoor trashcan and setting the funds to zero.

They are in the empty lot by the Goth's house called Hollow Slough.  This is one of the 2 starting lots.  I picked it for the nearby restroom. 

I look around and no collectables have spawned yet so I have them fish.

pic:  A little while later the digs and frogs show up so Jax starts collecting.

pic:  They manage to get a free meal from Bob Pancakes.

They visit the park and fish while they wait for collectables to show up.  They sleep on the park benches.

pic:  Sleeping at the park.

They go to the gym to shower and nap on the couches there.  I can't wait until they have simoleans for a tent.

pic:  Skyla starts the garden.

Skyla caught a cowplant berry while fishing!

After 2 nights sleeping on benches they finally get a tent.  They are living off of food that people leave on tables.

pic:  The first night with the tent and Jax passed out before he could get inside!

pic:  They can finally afford a campfire and chairs.

pic:  When not gathering or gardening they fish.

pic:  Skyla's garden is coming along nicely.

Keeping track of their inventories is getting a bit difficult.

Jax completed the frogs collection!  Thank goodness for frog breeding.

pic:  My crude attempt at the start of the museum.  As you probly already know I'm not a good builder.

So there you have it.  My first day playing the Nomad challenge.  At first I didn't think I was going to be able to do it but I've gotten the hang of it now.  It's a generational challenge so I'll need to have a kid soon.

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