Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Over The Hill

Chapter 29

 Dillon Pancakes ages up.  He's an artistic prodigy and art lover.

Both Kaci and Dillon got Chandler's (Eliza's) haircolor.  We'll have to wait for them to age to teen to see if they get any of Paisley's looks.


Today is Deon's birthday and he doesn't care who knows about him and Lyla.

Cassidy sees them and lectures Lyla on how long she has before her own birthday.

Deon blows out his candles and his last trait is genius.

Krystal asks Daxton to be her boyfriend and he agrees.

Ayden and Jazmine are hot and heavy.

Deon and Lyla talk about their future while Ayden and Jazmine flirt with each other.

I had some major problems with my save and ended up doing the triplets birthday 3 times.  I'm sorry there aren't better pictures.  By the third time I was just like let's get this over with.

Star blows out the candles first.

Next is Suri.

Last is Shea.

Star is a party animal and outgoing.

Suri want's to be friends with the world and is outgoing.

Shea wants to find a Soulmate and is romantic.


I feel like I've neglected Cory and Marissa but it's mostly because they're the youngest of the 2nd generation.

Cory asks Marissa if she's ready for a baby.  She says she's been waiting for him to be ready.

It was really weird, she went to tell him she was pregnant... sat down by the pool and changed into her bathing suit then they started kissing.  <shrug>

Bella had to be the 1st to feel her grandbaby.

Of course Cory had to feel it.
(I'm surprised with as many sims as are in this house only 2 sims wanted to feel the baby)

Marissa gives birth to a little girl Sierra Fogel.

Cory's just amazed by his little girl.

Malcolm Landgraab is an elder!  I saw it and my heart just sank.  Alexandria's age line is bubbles so she'll be an elder soon too.

In his plight to prove he's not over the hill Malcolm tries for a baby with Alexandria.

She actually gets pregnant!  Malcolm turns to Daxton "Oh by the way you'll be raising your brother or sister for us when we're gone."  Daxton's fine with this he's all about family legacies.

Nicole is disgusted with them and after telling them off she leaves the house.

She finds a little park and feels better.  Then she's mean to Don Lothario and Scarlet Goth and gets angry again.

She meets Grayson Goth and they cloudgaze together.  They talk until dark and Nicole goes home.

The next day Nicole invites Grayson over.  I think she's feeling a bit reckless.  She asks him to be her boyfriend.
(Sorry I didn't get the 1st kiss, stupid pause button)

They mess around in Daxton's bed and Grayson ends up sleeping half the day then he leaves.

Daxton invites Krystle over and they exchange promise rings.  They also mess around and Krystle sleeps the whole day then leaves too!

Meanwhile Alexandria is almost due.

It's a girl!  Veronica Landgraab.

Daxton's already taking care of the baby.  Malcolm doesn't seem to notice her.

Alexandria aged to elder the day after Veronica was born.

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