Thursday, March 26, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- The Birthday Train Got Stuck

Chapter 30

 Sierra Fogel aged up.  She's a social butterfly and good.

Cory has to hug her right away.

The next day Marissa attempts a dinner party for her aspiration.  Her next step is to join the culinary career.

Poor Bella's left cleaning up after everyone leaves.

I just wanted to show what Bella's tree looks like.

Veronica Landgraab.  She's a cheerful rambunctious scamp.  She got her Mom's hair and her Dad's eyes.  She's sad about the broken dollhouse.

Malcolm repairs it while she cries.

Then they play dolls.  I'm sure that won't last long.

I decided I'll age up the kids as it suits the story since we don't know their birthdays.  First is Alex.  His last trait is family oriented.

Next is Thomas.

He wants to be fabulously wealthy and he's good.

Looks like Dwight is feeling flirty.

He flirted a bit with Reece but then they got embarrassed.  Mabye I should have them have a romance, lol.

Today is Krystle's birthday.

She blows out the candles and her last trait is family oriented.

She didn't even get to give Daxton a last kiss because he was always surrounded by sims.

Yes, another birthday or birthday's actually.

Isaias is first.  His last trait is music lover.

Then Alisha.  Her last trait is childish.

She starts playing with the toy her Dad just put down.  Alex looks shocked and Babs thinks it's hilarious.

Isaias and Tara look happy that it's his birthday.

As the party is ending Alex proposes.

They move across the street in a new house called Blue Moon built by Cayrees. 
(Why the rush?  Alisha has the Big Happy Family aspiration.)

Which means the first time they whoohoo they try for baby.  I'm not sure if Alex looks happy or not.

Alisha's Dad Rene is the first to come feel the baby.

Then Isaias takes a dip in the pool and feels the baby.

It's a boy, Aaron Noble.

It's Avery's birthday.

She's an angling ace like her Dad and a loner.

Grayson and Nicole Landgraab are always together.  Mostly kissing and they don't care who's around.

Skye decides to get out and invites Rocco Lothario to The Kissing Llamas on a date.

They had their first kiss and she asks him to be her boyfriend.  Of course he agrees he was trying to flirt with her at his house.
(And look at that background, how pretty!)

Logan Valdivia is fascinated with ghosts.  When he heard there was a ghost living in a house in Oasis Springs he had to go.

He's invited in and finds the ghost in the kitchen.

Things don't go well with the ghost so he seeks out the pretty girl he saw in the kitchen earlier.

Things go real well with Makayla!

It's Kaylie Jones's birthday today.

She's a bodybuilder like her parents and a goofball.

Ansel Jones's lifeline is all bubbles.  We're gonna miss our Jones founder.


  1. Babs L'Amour is seriously the cutest elder ever!!! <3

    1. Dina is giving her a tight competition.