Friday, March 27, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Musical Houses and Generation 4

Chapter 31

 Alisha L'Amour is marrying Alex Noble.

It's done!  She's now Alisha Noble.

Babs and Reece look like 2 happy mama's.  Isasias and Rene just look odd, lol.

I had the wedding late and poor Tara fell asleep.

Babs and Isaias give Alisha hugs.

Their first action when they got home was to check on Aaron.

So they aged him up. He's a whiz kid and genius.  He got his Dad's hair and his Mom's eyes.

Tara invited Isaias over and was kissing him before he could walk in the door.

Tara told him she's sick of being seperate and she wants him to move in.  He agrees.

After the move Tara and Isaias were outside.  I saw Dina looking out the window at them and had to get this shot.  She looks so sad.

Andre cheers her up.  Aren't they cute elders?

Isaias threw a house party to celebrate.  (Party animal remember)  Jazmine does not look happy.

Gotta love Andre's party wear, lol.

When Jazmine got home from the party she was so mad!  She's the one with the soulmate aspiration and Ayden wasn't living with her yet!  (Like mother like daughter)

She invites Ayden to the house for a date and professes her undying love.

She takes him off-guard with a passionate kiss.

Then a little whoohoo.

Later she asks him to move in.

Ayden moves in and they become best friends.

It's birthday time again and I somehow lost the pic of Joey blowing out his candles.  Now it's Tara's turn.

Do you think they don't like being teens or they don't like their makeovers?  
(Actually the fridge was broke but this was too funny not to take a pic of)

Poor Seth, the only one in the house not a teen.

It's time for Jarrod to age up.

Jarrod is a party animal and bro.

Olivia's parents Eric and Alice are both in bubbles in their ageline.

Guess who's birthday is next?  After reading over Successful Lineage I decided to change Daxton's aspiration to Big Happy Family.  His last trait is family oriented.

Daxton immediately proposes to Krystle.

It's baby making time!  Daxton has an aspiration to achieve.

For those of you wondering about Diamond, Nicole's mother and Malcolm's ex-housemate, she is in her elder glory.

Daxton chases Krystle down the street in his pajamas after the party to invite her to move in.
His Dad did the same thing with Alexandria, must run in the family.
All this moving in is like musical chairs err houses.

After moving in she takes a pregnancy test and it's positive!

Since Skye's birthday is today too I stop aging until after the baby is born.

 I've been getting more and more frustrated with that house so I got them a new one.  It's called Earth built by PurpleKachina.

The days go by and Krystle is due any minute and Daxton is the only one to feel the baby.  None of Krystle's family visit with is really surprising.

Krystle gives birth to Hannah Landgraab.  The 1st baby of the 4th generation.

Daxton runs to hold her.  Too sweet.

Then I was just about to save and end the chapter when Malcolm picks the baby up.  Looks like he's proud of his granddaughter.


  1. Andre and Dina are a lovely elder couple <3 Really love the pairing. And Hannah as firstborn 4th gen, how exciting! Love seeing Malcolm hold his granddaughter. :)

    1. Told ya it's a close race between Dina and Babs for cutest. It was funny that Malcolm held Hannah because he basically ignored Veronica after she was born. I can't believe I have a 4th generation baby!

  2. Lol, yah. Oh and forgot to mention Alex and Alisha's sunset wedding is gorgeous! You got great pics of the moment. Love the wedding lot.

    1. How ironic that you say that. I replaced the wedding lot last night when I couldn't sleep.