Saturday, March 28, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- The Mystery Girl

Chapter 32 (Originally named 3 proposals and a wedding)

 Carlie tells Evan she can't believe that her younger sister is engaged and has had a baby already!

Evan says he'd been waiting for a special occasion but nothing had come up, drops to one knee and proposes!

We can safely say the answer was yes.

Ayden tells Jasmine that he loves living with her and loves her.

Then he pulls a ring out and proposes.

She enthusiastically says yes!

Meanwhile, Nina's oblivious.

Isaias takes Tara for a date to the new Juice Bar- Green Dragon.

They take advantage of the inn upstairs to whoohoo for the first time.

Then, in his pjs, Isaias proposes to Tara.

Of course she said yes.

It's the day Daxton Landgraab marries Krystle Purdue.

 Krystle is now a Landgraab.
(No shots of the guests sitting because not one sat)

Carlie tells Krystle that she's engaged to Evan.

The caterer didn't make a cake, Alexandria tried but couldn't finish for some reason.

Everyone crowded around the bar.
(I need to find a new venue, this new one isn't working out)

Time to age up Hannah.  She's an artistic prodigy and creative.

The first thing she does is give her grandpa Malcolm a hug.

Shea remembers Thomas from when they played together on the playground.  So she invites him over to see how he turned out.

There's a picture missing of them sitting on the couch talking.

She drags him from the motion gaming machine for a kiss.

(Star and Suri are at work, yes, with the new patch it gave my sims jobs.  I'm not happy.)

It's Skye's birthday today.  Her last trait is cheerful.

Cassandra takes Skye outside to lecture her on how much younger Rocco is and that she'll have to be patient.

They have a swim together but Cassandra starts lecturing again.

Skye decides to leave and goes to the park to meet 10 people for her aspiration.

I decided it wasn't fair that Malcolm was an elder and Don wasn't so I changed his age back.

Angelo decides to check out the Green Dragon and look for girls.  Suri Goth is outside when he gets there and it's so funny how they're both looking at their phones.

They sit down inside and seem to get along well.  They chat until Angelo's needs are low and he has to go home.

RIP Ansel Jones

It's the twins birthday, Adam goes first.  
(I didn't hit pause fast enough for a pic of Ashley)

Adam is a painter extraordinaire and art lover.

Ashley wants to be a friend of the world and is outgoing.

(They are both sporting the new hair from whoohoo weekend)

Johnny and June were outside talking when a girl who looked startlingly familiar walked up. She said she was their long lost daughter.  The resemblance was unmistakable.

Her name is Zoe Zest and she is their daughter.  She wants a big happy family like she didn't have and is cheerful and childish.  Where she's been this whole time is a mystery.

After Zoe went inside, June and Johnny went outside and she yelled at him!  I made her apologize.

Zachary came over and she introduced herself.  They got along great.  I think Zoe will fit in fine.


  1. Oh no, do we have to work around jobs now to invite sims to parties?? That will be more difficult!

    1. I hadn't thought about that! I was just in one house and she's a level 10 comedian. I'd like to have earned that myself. I think I'll eventually just have them all quit the jobs and hope the game doesn't give them new ones.

    2. So that happened in a "playable" house, while you weren't playing?! I wonder if they'll add an option for that not to happen. It is Sims 3 story progression type of occurrence; I preferred the control I had in Sims 2 and Sims 4 up till now. It will change the game a lot. Story Progression is fun too, it just lends to a different kind of play.

    3. Right. There should be a toggle button to turn this type of story progression on and off. People were freaking out about it in the Sims forums yesterday.