Sunday, March 29, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 33

To Those We've Lost:

 To Bob Pancakes: May you always have the pancakes that you love.

To Johnny and June: May you be together wherever you are.

To Andre: Your Dina will be joining you soon.  Keep us laughing.

To Steve: Cory and Evan will never forget you.

To Ollie:  Your Trinity will join you soon.

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday but the story must go on...

Kayden was collecting his elements from the mailbox when he found a decorated egg.  Being the collector that he is he decided to search far and wide for more eggs.

He found several around plants behind the wedding venue.

He put 4 eggs in the hallway...

...and 4 in the office.  2 left to go!

The next day he found 1 more new egg in the neighborhood and took the family to the park to look for the last egg, which he found!

Meanwhile Kendall played pirate.

Kevin danced.

And Mercedes swam.

It's a good thing Mercedes is childish or this bunny wouldn't get much attention.  Kendall and Kevin will be aging up soon.

I'm testing out a new lot and Zachary, Zander and Xavier get to be my guinea pigs.

Seeing the large dog out front makes Zachary and Xavier want to paint it.

Next they look at some bunnies, just in time for Easter.

The triceratops isn't very exciting.

They like the flamingos.

The Llama Corn are boring.

Last is prancing ponies and they think they're boring too.  They go home hoping a more exciting lot will replace the zoo.

Amaya and Taj decide to try for a baby.  She doesn't get pregnant at first and is too sad to try again for awhile.

Mabye he didn't want a baby after all.  He looks sad when she tells him she's pregnant.

Carlie is the only one to feel the baby.

It's a boy Jaxton Nunn.

It's Nicole's birthday.  Her last trait is clumsy.

She blows out the candles and goes to sleep.  Kinda anti-climactic there.

Nicole isn't the only one with a birthday today.  Grayson's last trait is good.

Grayson invites Nicole over and asks her to move in with him.
(I have no idea why she's not wearing shoes)

They took a pic of their 1st day living together.

Then a little whoohoo to celebrate.

Zoe Zest finally found her family only to lose them.

She went to her brother's house but nobody was there.

She went to the park and fished but she really just wanted to be alone.

She went to the Kissing Llamas and had some juice on the rocks next to a smiling guy in a sombrero.

Finally she just decided to go back home.  She went in her parents room and took a nap in their bed.


  1. The zoo trip looked fun, as well as the egg hunt.

    RIP Bob Pancakes, Steve, Andre, Ollie, Johnny and June, and other deceased or culled sims.

    1. The egg hunt was fun, I hope they have more things like that in the game. The zoo is cute but not what I'm looking for. None of them were culled, I just started the game with them all so they're the same age and all dying at the same time. It really sucks going to the map to pick which house to play next and seeing one after another gone each time.