Wednesday, April 1, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Get To Work!

Chapter 34

 RIP Elora Jones- You were a great founder and mother.

RIP Bella Goth- You were a great wife and mother.

RIP Cassidy Purdue- Despite being a loner you built a huge family that will live on.

RIP Nina Caliente- Although you never found love you raised a great daughter.

Amaya ages up Jaxton.  He's a social butterfly and insane.

They moved into Evan's old house since there's no bedroom for Jaxton in the apartment.

It's Kendall's birthday.

She wants to be a master chef and is a foodie.  Meanwhile Kayden and Mercedes pay no attention to Kendall.

Kayden goes collecting after Kendall's birthday and completes his curator aspiration.

Kayden decides to open a store with all of the collectables he's found.

Mercedes comes and helps him with the store when Kayden gets tired.  Kendall comes for a little bit too.  When everybody is tired they close the store.

The next day I put a computer upstairs so that Mercedes can write books while Kayden sells.

Something in the store is making everyone uncomfortable but I can't find it.  They still keep buying though.

I find this upstairs but it's not the culprit.  Finally I give up and they close the store.


Alexander is at the science lab.

He practices analaysis.

He had a Eureka moment and had to invent it.

It was so cool and look at the thing he invented.  He even stayed late to finish it.

It's time to age up the last of Reece's children: Seth Shaw.

Seth is a cheerful nerd brain.

Jazmine has decided to open a clothing store.

I leave the store as-is for now.  For some reason trying on clothes makes elders hair turn color.

Don walks back to try on the suit.

When he changes to his regular clothes his hair changes to pre-elder color!  I reported this to the sim guru's but got no response.

(Need to make a tree, Alex is Alisha's husband, Bab's daughter)

Today's Alex's first day at the hospital.
(Just like Alexander his glasses aren't part of his work outfit.)

I don't even want to know what that puddle is.

Evan's first day as a medical intern was boring.  Mostly his tasks involved talking to his co-workers.  When he gets home he tells Aaron all about it while they dance.

The second day was still more talking to co-workers.  But he did get a promotion!

It's Dominick Lothario's birthday.

Dominick is a jokestar and goofball.


Today is Tara's first day on the police force.

First she gets a case assignment.

Apparently the crime was at the new wedding venue and Trinity Purdue is a witness.

She analyses the evidence.  After that she was supposed to do things with criminals but there were none so she ate a snack and took a nap.

Scarlet makes the twins birthday cake.

First Marshall.

Then Maxwell.

Here's Maxwell.  He's a nerd brain and bookworm.  (Marshall went to bed)

Here's Marshall the next morning, he's a party animal and foodie.

It's finally that day.  Carlie Purdue and Evan Fogel are getting married.

With this ring...

...I thee wed.

As usual all the guests stand.  Mabye they're too moved to sit?

There should be a goal to dance.

They enjoyed their invisible wedding cake.

After the wedding Carlie surprised Evan.  She bought him a bakery!  She hopes to play for tips while he bakes.

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