Thursday, April 2, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Abducted?!

Chapter 35

 Tara DaSilva and Isaias L'Amour are getting married.

It's going to take some time to get used to Tara L'Amour.
(Sorry there aren't more pics of the wedding.  There were only 4 guests that showed up and there was this issue with the kitchen and before I knew it it was over)

The next day Tara has to meet civilians and everyone is angry.

While waiting for someone to do something so she can issue a citation Tara gets sick.  I think oh cool she goes to the hospital and have her leave work.  No, you order medicine on the computer.  *sigh*

It's Kevin's birthday.

Kevin wants a soulmate and is romantic.

I found what was making everyone uncomfortable in Kayden's shop.  A counter needed cleaned.

It's Rosa's birthday.

She has that look on her face because she has to pee.  She wants to be a friend of the world and is a music lover.

 Meanwhile outside Don proposes to Catalina.  "We're gonna die soon anyway."  What a romantic.

They have a private ceremony just for themselves.

I took a look to see who's next on the birthday list and it's Rocco!  So back inside Rocco becomes a young adult and gains the bro trait.

The next day the Zest brothers age up.  First we have Zander.

Then Xavier.

Zander is a joke star like his grandfater and clumsy.

Xavier is a painter extraordinaire like his dad and creative.  


Alisha reads to Aaron for their aspirations.
(It looks like she's about to hit him!)

That night Alex goes outside to "investigate weird light".

He gets sucked up into the light, now it says "be abducted".

After what seemed like forever he's returned.

The next day he gets a "weird tummyache".

There were sparkles and his stomach grew a little.

He continues working despite being freaked out.  I love treating my sims from the rotation.

He's getting huge but I don't know when he's supposed to have the baby.

I finally got a pic of the tummy sparkles!

Alisha feels the baby, lol!

He's in labor. (yay 1st hospital birth)  Check out Alisha, she did that the whole time.

It's a girl, Nebula Noble.

Dad holds her before they flash home.  She's so cute?

Aaron is happy and can't wait to play with his new sibling.

(Yes, I know they need an updated tree) 

Since last time I played this house Gunther died of old age and Cassandra became an elder.

Skye invites Rocco over and tells him mabye it's time they got their own place together.

Rocco proposes to Skye, of course she said yes.

They ended up moving into the old L'Amour house that's been empty since the twins aged to teens.

Back at the house Grayson was so moved by Rocco's proposal  he decides to propose himself.  But instead of marry me he asked "elope with me".

She says yes.

As she slips the ring on his finger she says "I stole this ring from my Dad, now it's yours."


  1. An alien baby, wow. Thanks for showing the detective too!

    1. Yep! I was so excited last night I was freaking my husband out, hehe. I'll try to have a little of the careers in the posts too. I'm loving them.