Saturday, April 4, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Just Everyday Life Sim-Style

Chapter 36
If you're confused who Alex is, he is Alisha's husband.  Bab's daughter.  He moved in with the lady that had a big group of kids that lives with a ghost.
Despite how he got her Alex loves his little alien daughter.

Nebula ages up.  She's a rambunctious scamp and loves the outdoors.

She puts on her disguise.

I wanted to see what would happen if Nebula went out without her disquise.  Sierra Fogel "discovered" her and their social is red now.  She also got an embarrassed moodlet from being discovered.

 (Yes, I need a new tree made)
It's Lyla and Logan's birthday.  1st Lyla, her last trait is cheerful.

Next is Logan.  His last trait is outgoing.

Lyla tells Gemma and DK that she's moving in with her boyfriend Deon Purdue.

Logan goes to his girlfriend Makayla's house and asks her to move in with him and she agrees.

Star was sick of her sisters talking about Angelo and Thomas the boys they liked.

She went to the Green Dragon juicebar and asked her cousin Skye how to find boys but Skye wasn't much help.  She said she just visited Rocco's house and he flirted with her.

Then she thought of the new next door neighbors. 
(2 were townies and 1 is a gallery sim)

There was Nick, a teenager she thought she'd seen around town.

And his mother Elisa.  She was told there was another teenager, a girl that they had taken in but she wasn't home to meet.  Either way, Star felt better when she got home.

Evan Fogel is finally getting his new bakery set up with the 1st batch of cupcakes.

It's so funny, when he cleans the machine bubbles come out.

Evan was up all night baking.

And most of the next day.  There's still room for more!

He gets a crowd but at first nobody buys.

Then they buy so much he passes out!  I think Evan worked a little too hard on his first day open.

 (Another that needs a new tree)
Scarlet is making her 1st painting from a photo.  I would have liked to paint a sim but nobody was in the room.

Today Alexander has to dig up collectables for work.

Then he watered plants.

It was a strange day.  He had to fish for 20 minutes.

Later Scarlet paints Sierra.

A couple of days later Alexander invents a Simray.

He's supposed to freeze a co-worker so I have him freeze the girl he keeps getting whims to flirt with.  She's frozen the whole shift.  He gets a promotion.

 (Yes another one *sigh*)
It's Kaci's birthday!

She's a freelance botanist and her trait is genius.

I had to remove a bunch of plants to make room for planter boxes for Kaci.

After school the next day Kaci plants her garden.

(I give up!)
Jazmine Caliente is marrying Ayden Purdue.

She's Jazmine Purdue now.

They share an invisible cake.
(That Jasmine had to finish cooking.)

 Everyone has a great time.  Mostly hanging out around the bar.  

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