Tuesday, April 7, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- A Little Anger Fueled Renovation

Chapter 37

When I started up the game I looked at my list and saw that Angelo had the next birthday.  So I went to the Lothario's house to see how many days I had.  I happened to look at his relationship panel and this is what I see!  His mother is a romantic interest?????  I was so mad I couldn't play.  Later I ended up wiping out a bunch of buildings and the willow creek park and replacing them with ones from the gallery.  I'm furious about this but can't let it ruin the game for me.  I'll update the maps asap.


 Skye Goth and Rocco Lothario are finally getting married.

And so they are wed! The new venue is part of the new park
(Willow Tree Park by Arwen1717)

Cassandra and Grayson stargaze while Buffy and Charlie chat.  Nobody pays attention to the newlyweds.

The mixologist didn't show up so Rocco mixes up some drinks.

Skye goes to sleep.  She looks so beautiful laying there.

The next day they visit the new gym.
(Modern Gym by Crystalandroid)

Then I decide with Rocco needing exercise equipment and Skye needing to throw parties the house was way too small so I got them this one instead.
(Modern Wood House by TheKalino)

Rocco has his own workout area in the basement.
(Basement yay!)

I took out the patio table and put in a bar and stereo for Skye's parties only to find a little while later there's a whole party area with a bar stereo and games.  I didn't pay much attention to that side of the house.


It's Angelo's birthday.  His last trait is creative.

He starts off writing a book... and talking to himself.

 Angelo moves into the little house next door.

I put in a computer so he can write books.

Evan tells Carlie it's time to move out of the apartment into a house and have a baby.  She agrees wholeheartedly.

They move into Evan's old house.

They try for baby right away.

Carlie tells Evan she's pregnant.

Cory comes to visit and feels the baby.

Amaya comes to visit too.  So does Ayden and Krystle but Carlie had gone to bed by then.

It's a boy, Keith.

Evan holds his baby boy for the first time.

It's Dillan's birthday.

Dillan is an Angling Ace and loves the outdoors.  I think he looks like Paisley.

He gets started fishing right away and completes the first part of his aspiration.

Kaci and Dillon go to the new park.  Kaci plants in the planters while Dillon fishes.

Daxton reads to his sister Veronica and his daughter Hannah for his aspiration.

Veronica is more like a sister to Hannah than an aunt.

Daxton gets an uncomfortable "scratchy" moodlet.  I look and he's covered in spots.  He gets a whim to take a nap and when he wakes up he's fine.

Cory and Marissa take Sierra to the new museum as a teat for the last day before her birthday.
(Sorry I didn't write down the maker of this museum)

 Sierra likes the dog statue.

Cory and Marissa spend most of the time outside talking.

Sierra's cousin Veronica Landgraab shows up and they spend a while chatting.

Marissa and then Cory leave the museum to go to work and Sierra finds food on the picnic tables near the library then plays pirate until bedtime when she goes home.

The next morning aunt Scarlet makes a pink cake and uncle Alexander sings while she blows out the candles.

Sierra is romantic, she wants to find her soulmate.


  1. I guess that weirdness with his mom being a romantic interest is a glitch, hopefully fixed with the next patch. Your new park looks amazing from what I could see!

    After the late March patch, I noticed that everybody in the household (with kids within the family) were having "suggestive conversation" or "boring conversation." It is annoying but I was already expecting there to be some glitches with each patch.

    The other glitch I've noticed this week is that the game crashes more often. I've had to get back in the habit of saving frequently. Sims 4 had only crashed on me maybe once before but it has probably happened 6 times this week. My game is vanilla.

    1. Yea I reported it and so did several other people. I know it's a bug but that doesn't change the fact that Angelo will always have his Mom on his romance panel. I noticed the suggestive and boring conversations too. Annoying but ignorable. Knock on wood, I haven't been crashing. Have you tried clearing your cache files? I've also recently read that you should re-start the game after like 3-4 hours of play! I've been keeping it open for days. Oppsie!

    2. Yeah, I did not mean to imply it didn't matter that you have to deal with the romantic interest in his relationship panel. That is an icky glitch.

      I'm glad your game isn't crashing. I'll have to try clearing the cache, thanks! I do exit the game every few hours at least just because time runs out to play, and I don't like leaving it open.