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Friday, April 3, 2015

My 200th Blogpost!

When I was looking at my blog and noticed there were 199 posts I decided that number 200 should be special.  It's a remembrance of where the blog started and where it is today.  I started the blog on 7/30/14.  I had seen a trailer for Sims 4 and had started playing Sims 3 again after several years.  I have a book review blog (which I haven't had time for because of gaming) and decided near the end of my TS3 Marx legacy that I wanted to memorialize my sims lives by blogging about them.  I mostly blogged for my niece Marley who liked to have the stories read out to her and then get on the game and try to re-create them.  So here it is in remembrance of where we've been and looking forward to where we're going...

My first picture on the blog.  And look it's toddlers!

The end of my legacy/start of my baby challenge.
(I used her as my baby challenge Mom)

I find the Runaway Teen challenge.

And finish it.

I start the Apocalypse Challenge.

Then experiment with supernaturals.

Sometime before Sims 4 came out my Sims3 game became unplayable.  I tried taking the save file out of my external and using that but I was stll unable to access the games.  I made a new game and did the island challenge a bit until Sims 4 came out.

My first screenshot of TS4.  I played this family until the Legacy Challenge rules came out.

Here's my legacy founder.  I used the last name Marx again.

And here's the baby that completed the legacy.

I wanted to do the runaway teen challenge again but nobody had converted it to TS4 so I decided to do so myself.  This is my favorite shot.  

I started the ISBI challenge but the computer I was using died and I lost the file.

I created the Roleplay challenge but lost that file as well.

I managed to finish the Off The Grid challenge before the computer died.

After my forced break from Sims due to computer issues I started (and finished) the 100 baby challenge.

I started the Nomad Challenge but haven't finished it yet.

I started a Random Legacy which I haven't finished yet either.

I was curious about rotational gameplay so I decided to do a story instead of a challenge for once.  It's the story of the Jones family and all the EA pre-mades.  I rotate between approximately 20 families.


  1. Lacie you are incredibly productive at finishing challenges, wow! Congratulations on your 200th post!

    1. Thanks! And the productivity is mainly due to having a lot of time on my hands.


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