Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- The Birthday Train Has Arrived!

Chapter 28

 Bob asked Chandler when he was going to give him another grandbaby?

Chandler aged up Kaci.  She's a Rambunctious Scamp and Loves the outdoors.

I realize it's Chandler's birthday so Bob makes a quick cake.

Kaci meets Maxwell Goth and Thomas Benson at the park next door.  Later she meets Maxwell Goth and Angelo Lothario.

Paisley tells Chandler she's pregnant again.  I can't tell how he feels from his reaction.

Bob follows Paisley into the bathroom to feel her belly.

Paisley's sister Mercedes comes to visit and feel that baby bump.

It's a boy, Dillon Pancakes.  It's funny right before this shot Chandler was freaking out but I didn't pause fast enough.

It's Tara's birthday and her and Isaias are exchanging promise rings.

She blows out her candles and is a young adult.  She has goofball for her last trait.

Tara has a drink with Jazmine.  Her birthday is next.

Dina is so proud of her daughter as she watches her with her future husband.

Guess who's birthday it is now?  I wonder what Jazmine's Dad thinks of her making out with Ayden in front of everyone.

Skye and Krystle skip the party and have drinks.

Jazmine blows out her candles and she's a young adult.  Her last trait is family oriented.

Nina and Jazmine have a hug just as the party ends.

Today's Ayden's birthday.  
(Yes, his birthday is the day after Jazmine's)

I lost the pic of him blowing out the candles.  His last trait is Good.  He's so happy to have his Jazmine back even though it's only been a day!

Cassidy tells Carlie how upsetting it is to have her kids growing up.

After the party was over Krystle invited Daxton over.

I didn't pause soon enough for their first kiss but let's just say things went smoother this time.

Yes another birthday.  This time Angelo Lothario.

What a big smile!  Angelo wants to be a bestselling author and is a bookworm.

Rocco was swimming when Skye Goth came to visit.

Skye is hot so Rocco tried to flirt but his family kept interrupting.

  Instead they became best friends.

Later I caught Don watching Rosa sleep.  He was tense from being non-commital.

After everyone was in bed I realized Skye never left.  Her Mom Cassandra did that to the Jones's a couple of times, must run in the family.

Lyla was in the park trying to make sims dislike her when she saw her cousin Avery.  They had a quick conversation and then back to being mean.

She makes this townie dislike her and is done with that part of her aspiration.

She goes to visit the neighbors the Purdue's and the oddest thing happened!  Her whole family just walked in the door!

With a full house Lyla and Deon sneak off to the park to be alone.  They've been secretly seeing each other for some time.

They exchange promise rings because Deon's birthday is in two days.

Deon promises he'll wait for Lyla.

Chapter 29 coming soon...


  1. Your family trees are really growing! I love to see the genetics play out each generation. Oh gosh I keep forgetting to update my family trees. I use FamilyEcho because I find the in game trees to be so tiny! The info is great, but I wish they gave us bigger pictures.

    1. Be glad you used Family Echo. Sims are disappearing off of my trees now! I'm so upset that they put in family trees but they don't work. I might have to switch to Family Echo but am not sure how to use it.

  2. Really, they're disappearing off the family trees? Oh gosh that is horrible. Is it just ghosts, or living family members too?

    1. It's the ghosts. Like Eliza used to be on the family tree and now her urn is blank. If you look at Caliente for Jazmine's family tree her grandmother is now gone. There's a thread in the forums about it. People are upset. I used family Echo for my legacy but could never figure out how to get it onto my blog. I also never put pictures on there, but it'd be nice to have. Do you have a seperate sign in for each family so you have their family tree?