Monday, March 23, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Twitterpated

Chapter 29

 Chandler and Paisley are once again on vacation because Chandler has to finish his aspiration.

Chandler has to collect insects and sleep in a tent.  I got a cabin for Paisley because I put a computer in it for her.

By the second day Chandler only needs to sleep in a tent for his aspiration so they decide to try for a baby and now Paisley's pregnant.

Chandler's obsessed with this statue, he keeps "appreciating" it.

Paisley practices programming.  (can't really see the belly sitting down)

Chandler does whatever keeps him from napping so that he can sleep six hours in the tent.

Paisley takes a break from the computer so I can show off her belly.

Finally Chandler completed his aspiration and they got to go home... where paisley immediately went into labor!

It's a girl Kaci Pancakes.
(I couldn't think of anything that went with Pancakes, lol)

I wonder if she'll have Chandler's haircolor?


When Reece Myers  bought the house she didn't know it was haunted!

She learned the ghosts' name is Dwight and he'd been living in this house a long time.  She was very tense about it.

Not everyone was afraid of Dwight.

I changed his clothes to pajamas and he has a mohawak.

To say the least I am very excited about my first playable ghost in Sims 4.


Charlie took Buffy to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar for their last date needed for his aspiration.

He did it.  His new aspiration is Party Animal like Buffy.  He got the Incredibly Friendly trait too.

They threw a party so that Charlie could meet 10 new people.  The party was okay and Charlie only has 2 more sims to meet.

The next day Charlie brought the family to the park so he could meet 2 people and they could have fun.

Shea met Thomas and played pirate with him.

Buffy took a nap.

That night it's Charlie's birthday... time for another party!

Charlie doesn't look happy to be an adult.

Skye is embarrassed because Gunther isn't wearing a shirt.


Isaias asks Rene if he can throw a party.

Alisha was so happy when Alex showed up.

So happy that she kisses him!

Isaias is happy that Tara showed up too.  He asks her to be his girlfriend.

Rene and Babs are partied out.


Krystle has a plan.  A plan she's about to act out, she's very proud of her plan.

She goes to Daxton's house to introduce herself to the Landgraabs.

She meets Daxton's Dad on the terrace.

While having an offensive conversation with Malcolm, Daxton walked over and just stared at Krystal.

Finally she gets some alone time with him but he's uncomfortable and she's bored.  Her plan isn't working.  So she goes home.

The next morning Deon set fire to the grill.  Ayden set a fire last week!  Krystal puts it out and is confident.  She feels a little better about last night's failure now.


Daxton was so confused.  Why had that beautiful girl Krystal come to visit them anyway?  Whe he talked to her she seemed bored.

He asked Nicole, she's a girl she might know.  But she just made fun of him.  Sometimes she could be so mean.

He goes to Krystal's house but she's not home.  So he waits for her.  When she gets home all he can think is wow her brothers are big.

Krystal said she had a crush on him but when he tried to give her a rose she refused it.  They were both embarrassed and eventually Daxton just gave up and went home thinking girls were weird.

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