Sunday, March 22, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- All The World's A Stage

Chapter 26

All the World's a Stage is my favorite poem by Shakespeare.  It's about the stages of life.  After playing out this chapter I realize I need to turn aging back on and let life take it's course.  The elders are going to leave us but we have all these new sims to replace them.  Time to look at it with a silver lining.  Hehe Silver like their hair?  *sigh*  Enough with the jokes.


The day Amaya Purdue has been waiting for is here.  She's getting married to Taj Nunn.
Taj seems really impressed with that ring.

And now she's Amaya Nunn.
(or will be when I change it)

Look at all the guests sitting so nicely.  Although Carlie is wearing her bathing suit.  That's Ollie up front.  Oh my elder sims!

Xavier is now a child.  He's an artistic Prodigy and art lover.

Zander practiced typing.

While Xavier drew on his new art table.

Zachary and Milla danced, I swear it's all they do.

Andre DaSilva is now an elder.  He's practicing programming for his aspiration.

Dina's an elder too.  She's mixing drinks for her aspiration.

Tara, inspired by her parents, works out.  She's a body builder afterall

Cousin Jazmine comes to visit and tries a drink.

The next day Isaias L'Amour comes to visit.  They got to be good friends when Tara visited his sister Alisha.

After a lot of chatting and a little flirting Tara finally gets to find out what it's like to be kissed.

The next morning Isaias drags his sister outside so that their parents won't hear.  He tells her that Tara kissed him  She was shocked and a little jealous.  She wanted someone to kiss her!

After that revelation they all go to the park.  Isaias is on a mission to introduce himself to 10 sims.

Alisha's not sure what to do.  Her parents are paying attention to each other and there are no teens here today.

She ends up by the jungle gym.  She loves kids.  She starts talking to Thomas Benson.  He's one of the kids in the new family that just moved to town.  He invites her to visit saying his brother and sister are complaining there are no teens.

Alisha and Rene dance whild Isaias has more and more trouble introducing himself to sims.  It took forever but he finished it.  Now he's gotta throw parties.

Alisha took Thomas up on his offer to visit his house.  She couldn't help but blush when she met Alex.

I think there might be something there.

This rotation started with a pic of Ansel & Elora in front of their new house.  Now look at them.  I mean check out that family tree!  Paisley will have babies soon and it will be bigger!

Ansel's working on his 3rd aspiration, so is Elora.  They both completed Mansion Baron and Fabulously Wealthy.

Sebastian and Andrea still find time to work out together with 3 kids.  Adam doesn't seem enthused with all the exercising.

Kaylie is practicing typing.

Ashley's cleaning up the kitchen.  Mabye her next trait should be neat.

One of the next houses I visited first was Ollie and his sister Cassidy Purdue.  Now that he's an elder I thought I'd stop and see how he's doing .  He never finished his aspiration.

He's such a happy guy and I wish I would have spent more time here with him and his family.

Cassidy the loner, who moved out of Ollie's house and found love.  She also "found" 4 kids!  She didn't complete her aspiration either.  Hopefully her kids will do better.

Ayden, for instance, is a little fixated on  Jazmine Caliente.

She's now his girlfriend.

Then there's Krystle who wants to live in a big house someday and have a couple babies.  She's already got her eye on a boy now she just has to find a way to get his attention.

Deon is practicing programming for his aspiration.  He's still waiting for the right girl but is jealous of what Ayden has.


One of the other 1st houses that I visited was the Pancake house. (I swear those pancakes were there)  I loved Bob but hated Eliza which is why Eliza had her little accident.  Bob never got far in his aspiration either but Chandler, his son, is almost finished with his.

Chandler was one of my favorites as a kid and Chandler and Paisley are one of the cutest couples.

That night they made good use of the tent that Chandler needs for his aspiration.


  1. Lol, poor Eliza Pancakes. I see you really did kill her off, lol. Oh, well. The Pancakes are fun to play though :)

    1. Pfft that woman annoyed me. Why couldn't she be happy with what Bob provided for her? LOL I was up really late one night and had a migraine and just decided to kill her off.