Saturday, March 21, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- First Kisses and Birthday Wishes

Chapter 25

 Marshall and Maxwell aged up.  Looks like Marshall needs a makeover.

That's better.  Marshall is a Rambunctious Scamp Goofball and Maxwell is a Whiz Kid Genius.

Alexander tells Scarlet "Twho is enough for me.  Plus we need to leave room in the house for Cory and Marissa to have a little Fogel."

Alexander and Maxwell play chess.  They both need it for their aspirations.  After all day playing chess Alexander completed the Nerd Brain apspiration.  His new aspiration is Computer Whiz.

Kevin is now a child he's a cheerful Rambunctious Scamp.

Kevin gets right on the monkey bars but I can't get him playful for his aspiration.

Later the family watches tv together.


Rosa ages up.  She's an outgoing Social Butterfly.

I guess she's practicing on the bear.

Rosa goes to the new park to meet people and meets one of the new kids Thomas.

It's time for Rocco to age up!

Rocco's a teen.  He wants to be a bodybuilder and he's outgoing.

Zander ages up.  Yes, Zander.  I already had an Alex in town so I changed his name.  He's a goofball Rambunctious Scamp.

Zachary and Milla discuss having another baby.

They decide to try.

Zander walked in on them and stood terrified on the balcony.  But despite everyone's embarrassment Milla is again pregnant.

Zander goes to the park to play on the jungle gym while playful.

I swear Milla spent her whole pregnancy dancing.

It's another boy, Xavier Zest.

Zachary was very happy about his new boy.  Zander was happy too but had to go to school.


It's Lyla and Logan's birthday.  Lyla first.

Logan next, I just had to zoom in on that expression on his face.

Neither of them looks very happy.
Lyla is a Chief of Mischief and childish.
Logan is a Master Mixologist and goofball.

...And time goes on pause again for a bit.


Reece decides to take the kids to the park to meet some friends.

Tara and Seth meet Maxwell Goth.

Thomas meets Marshall Goth and Zander Zest.

Joey swims first then meets all the kids.

Reece, Alex and Makayla chill out and have some chili.  There are no teens at the park today.


Carlie and Evan are still hot and heavy.

That's why she asked him to move in with her.

They celebrated... in bed.

Later Cory came to visit his brother and meets Carlie.  Evan makes taco casserole then goes to work.


Jazmine Caliente doesn't want the lonely life her mother lead.  She wants a soumate.  She's romantic and has dreams for her future.  She's sad that she doesn't have a boyfriend.

The Purdue's have 2 single sons but Jazmine only has eyes for Ayden.  They're friends but she's afraid to flirt.

She tries a flirt and it goes good so she takes Ayden for a date at the museum.  She's putting the moves on him.

After the date Jazmine rolled a whim to kiss Ayden.

Tara comes over and Jazmine tells her all about her 1st kiss.  This gets Tara wondering when she'll have her 1st kiss.

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