Friday, March 20, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Baby Boom

Chapter 24


 Alexander Goth and Scarlet are married!

They don't pay any attention to the guests.

For some reason everyone crowds into the kitchen.

And they're at it again.  I think he's telling her let's go home.

After the wedding Alexander trys to explain to Scarlet that he's an adult now and she's almost one so if they want any children they need to try soon.  Scarlet's like now works.

No time like the present.

Scarlet tells Alexander she's pregnant!

Scarlet's proud of her baby belly.

Of course Alexander had to feel the baby.

It's twin boys!  Marshall and Maxwell.

Cory and Marissa were constantly in there playing with the babies.


I aged up Kendall and she was invisible so I had to take her to the park to see her.

Mercedes asks Kayden if he's ready to try for the next?

And they're pregnant again!

Kayden tells Kendall about the baby.

Mercedes gives birth to a boy, Kevin.

Kayden says "I think 2 is enough."

Kendall just wishes he'd stop crying!

Don stops Catalina outside after a workout with the boys.  "I've been thinking." he says "We should try for a girl."  She says "Well Rocco's going to be a teen soon but if you want to okay."

Catalina's pregnant.

Rocco feels the baby.

Another boy, Dominick.  "Guess we can try again."

So they try again and they're pregnant.

They age up Dominick when Catalina hits her third trimester.

Finally a girl!  Rosa Lothario.

"It took 3 boys to get you." Don whispers.

Just as Zachary was getting down on one knee to propose Milla blurts out "I think I'm pregnant!"

After he showed her the ring he asked her had she taken a test yet?  "No" she said.  "No you won't marry me or no about the test?"  He asked.  "The test!  Yes I'll marry you!"  She took a test and yes she was pregnant.  "Let's elope" Zachary said.  "My parents did."

So they did.

While I was in CAS changing her name I gave Milla more Mom-like clothes.

Zachary's Dad Johnny stops by for a visit and feels the belly.

They had a boy Alex Zest.

Zachary was thrilled.

There's a new family in town  The angry looking blonde Reece is a serial romantic and these are her kids from her conquests.  All of the kids have their Dad's last names.  Starting from the left there's:
Alex Noble (teen)


  1. Lol! I can't wait to see what Marshall and Maxwell look like as kids! What great names! And twin boys wow! In my game, Scarlet is pretty much done having babies (most likely), so I'm really excited to see what her genes do with boys! :) Alexander is a great father :)

    1. Hehe Yea I couldn't keep him (or Cory and Marissa) away from those babies. I love the names too. The Goth heirs.