Thursday, March 19, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- The Proposal

Chapter 23

I'll share a little secret with you.  When some of the sims turned elder I kinda freaked out.  Then I saw Alexander Goth was about to age to adult and I stopped aging.  It's been off for the last few chapters.  I just turned it back on.  I might stop it again we'll see.

Alexander ages to adult.

Bella ages to elder.

Alexander sat playing chess thinking of Scarlet Firecracker.  He wondered if she would care that he was older than her.  He went to bed that night making a plan to make Scarlet his.

The next day Alexander asked Scarlet to meet him at a very special place.

Alexander said "Scarlet I don't just want a girlfriend, I want to share my life with you."  Scarlet started crying and said yes.  He asked her to move in with him now.

 Back home.

Good luck lovebirds.

"Do we have to age them up?" Sebastian asks Andrea.

"Yes we do." She replied.

First Ashley who is a Social Butterfly and good.

Next is Adam and he's an Artistic Prodigy and creative.

It's Elora's turn to age up.

She makes a cute granny.

Sebastian and Andrea's little family.

Kayden sat Mercedes down and told her flat out he hates his job.  Mercedes was so relived.  She told him she hates her job too.  He said he'd sell what he gathered and she could sell her books.

"There's something else."  She said.  "I want babies."

"Let's start now." He said.

Mercedes is pregnant on the first try.

Alexander stops by to tell them about his engagement and has to feel the baby.

Elora stops by too, excited for another grandbaby.

Then Charlie stopped by to congratulate his twin.  Boy this is a busy house.

It's a girl Kendall Goth.

What a proud Daddy.

Evan and Carlie Purdue have gotten to be good friends.  But Even wants more.  First he tried flirting while they watched tv.

Then he took a deep breath and gave her a big kiss.

Carlie told him she felt the same way.  He asked her to be his girlfriend and she agreed.

After Carlie left Evan's brother Cory stopped by.  Evan told Cory all about Carlie.

It's Nicole Landgraab's birthday!

Now she's a teen.  Her aspiration is Chief of Mischief and her 2nd trait is cheerful.

Time to redecorate her room.  Before..



Since it's Nicole's birthday it's also Grayson's since they were born on the same day.
(ignore the pink cake)

Grayson's a teen.  His aspiration is Musical Genius and his 2nd trait is insane.

And for your laughing pleasure...


  1. Aww the water springs and gardens where Scarlet and Alexander got engaged is so lovely!!! <3

  2. Unfortunately I forgot to write down the builder. It was crazy, I had to put a toilet and a bunch of other stuff outside of the "romance" area to make it a park so they could go there. Then I had this whole thing planned out and after he proposed this old lady showed up and wouldn't leave them alone! *sigh*