Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- This Chapter's On Fire!

Chapter 22

 Alexander asks Scarlet on a date to the new library.

He takes her outside by the lake in a patch of wildflowers and kisses her.  And she runs away.

At first I thought she was using the restroom but then I found her in the library on the motion gaming rig.

Alexander ends up playing chess with Cassandra.  He tells her about Scarlet and how confused he is.


Scarlet watched Alexander until he left.  Then she introduced herself to Cassandra and told her she was just confused.

Scarlet's lips were still tingling the next morning.  But she was still confused.  She was used to being a player, not liking a guy like this.  She needed to apologize.

She was about to call him when he showed up at her door.  She tried to explain but was sure she only made things worse.

They sat down to talk and the next thing she knew they were making out!

They did more talking than kissing and ended up becoming best friends.  Scarlet was still confused but she knew she didn't want to loose Alexander.

Amaya and Carlie decided to throw a black and white bash to match their apartments.

Taj took advantage of the occasion to ask Amaya to marry him!  She says yes.

Carlie spent most of the party with Evan Fogel.  He was upset about something but wouldn't tell her what.  They've become good friends.

The party mostly revolved around the food that Scarlet Firecracker made as their caterer.

After the party Amaya and Carlie plan out the upcoming wedding.

Andre's an elder!

Tara had to work out at a gym venue for her aspiration.  She meets Andrea Jones there.

The next day Tara goes to visit her friend Alisha L'Amour.

Soon Isaias joins the conversation.  Tara thinks he's cute.

When she got home she went swimming... then her cousin and best friend Jazmine Caliente came for a visit.  Tara told her all about going over to Alisha's house.

When the triplets go to school Charlie takes Buffy on a date to The Kissing Llamas.

After school Buffy takes the girls to the new park.  Buffy took the opportunity to make friends with some new people and completed her Friend of the World aspiration.  She's a Party Animal now.

Star meets her cousin Skye.  When I named her I never thought of how funny the names would be together.

When they get home Charlie gives Buffy a passionate kiss.

Kayden and Mercedes are keeping busy.  She's writing books and working and he's gathering collectables when he has the time and working.

Andrea comes over to visit and Mercedes vents about her writer's block.  Poor Andrea just wanted a break from the twins.

After Andrea leaves Mercedes feels better and recites love poetry to Kayden.

The next day Charlie and Cassandra come to visit.  Kayden went to bed early.  Mercedes tells them about Kayden's promotion at his job.  She didn't bother to mention how bored she was with her job.

Kayden got up in the middle of the night.  He didn't know how to tell Mercedes that he hated his job.  He didn't even have time to gather collectables anymore!

Chandler books another trip to go camping.  Just him and Paisley this time.  He's gotten his herbalism skill up with books but still needs to find more plants and the hermit.

First he goes in search of the hermit.

He finds him and they become friends!

Back to the cabin to make burgers and spend time with Paisley.

They enjoy a fire and some flirting before bed.

The next morning Chandler brews some herbal remedies.

...and caught on fire!

Luckily Paisley extinguished the fire.  The worst part was for some reason she was all the way over at the public restrooms and had to run to extinguish him!

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