Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Birthdays and An Unlikely Romance

Chapter 21


 It's time to age up Kaylie.  Looks like she got her Dad's haircolor.  She's an active Rambunctious Scamp.

 Sebastian asks Andrea is she's ready to try for another.  She agrees.

 She didn't get pregnant on their first try and is sad.  Kaylie gives her a hug to cheer her up.  Keep trying says Elora.

She's pregnant on the second try though.  They had to wait for her to stop being sad.  Sebastian decides with another baby on the way he should get a job.  He starts at level 2 of the athletic career.

Andrea looks ready to explode and these 2 are flirting!

Kaylie plays space explorer and Sebastian is an alien.

It's twins!  A boy Adam and a girl Ashley.

It's time for Jarrod to age up too. He's outgoing and a Social Butterfly.

Now that Jarrod's aged up it's time for a new house.  This is Modern Mansion by alixparsons.

Avery goes right for the computer.  She's so much like her Mom.

Looks like these two are going to be friends.

Alexander tries to read for his aspiration but he can't concentrate.  And he's a bookworm!

He tells his Mom Bella about it when she asks him to repair the motion gaming rig.

He decides mabye he can think better in space.

He returns from his trip and realizes what it was.  This is the last place he saw Scarlet Firecracker.

The next day he invites Scarlet over but she's sad.  He tries to cheer her up with some jokes Cory taught him.

Finally she's back to her old self and they're good friends.  Then she has to leave.


Scarlet thinks about Alexander while she paints.  She can't believe he invited her over the other day.

While she made dinner she tried to think of her next move but was drawing a blank.  Alexander was different.

Then, she had just started another painting when she noticed Alexander at her door!

She decides to beguile him.
(see the arrow way above his head)
They flirt for awhile and then he has to leave.  Scarlet's happy with the way things turned out.

 Evan Fogel makes his own birthday cake.  He wants to be a chef one day after  all.

He makes a wish and blows out his candles.  His last trait is creative.

Evan goes and visits the apartments and meets Carlie.  She says there aren't any available.  They sit and chat for a long time.

Evan ends up in a little place in Carlie's neighborhood.  He makes his first meal and is off to bed.  The next morning he joins the culinary career.

Ayden has to be funny for 5 sims.  With Carlie visiting he got all 5 just with family.

Then he writes jokes to increase his comedy skill.

Deon's on the other computer practicing programming.

Oh and Devon aged to elder!

Krystle's aspiration is Mansion Baron.  So she has nothing to work on.  She just wants to live in a big beautiful house with a couple babies someday.  Is that so much to ask?  Well, she is a snob, what do you expect?

And speaking of mansions, Malcolm is making a birthday cake for his son Daxton.

 Daxton's a teen!  He wants a successful lineage and is romantic.

Time to remodel Daxton's room.

That's a little better.

Daxton spends his birthday following his Dad around the house.


Malcolm's not the only one making birthday cakes.

Skye's now a teen!  She wants to be a party animal and she's outgoing.

Annnd a little close-up.  Not sure if she looks like Cassandra or not.


  1. Lol, the Beguile action is so funny. And Skye's big smile at the end is so cute!!

    1. I love beguile. I used it all the time in my 100 baby challenge. Skye looked so pretty in that dress I just couldn't put her in black, lol.