Monday, March 16, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Babies, Moving, A Marriage and A Party

Chapter 19


We can't forget where we left off!  Is Andrea going to be pregnant?
She is!

I was watching them sleep when I saw this pop up.  How odd.

Even in her 3rd trimester Andrea was still working out with Sebastian.

Sebastian feels the baby just as Andrea goes into labor.

Andrea gives birth to a girl Kaylie.

Sebastian says let's have at least 2 more.  Andrea says let's wait a bit first.


Alex tells Olivia it's time to age up Avery.

She looks like Olivia!

They decide to try for another baby right away and Olivia is pregnant first try.  After spending more time in this house I'm liking it less and less and think it's time they had a new one soon.

Olivia gives birth to a boy Jarrod.  The pregnancy was uneventful except Olivia peeing her pants.


Amaya sits outside of her new apartment.  She's thinking it's a little lonely.

She invites Taj over and asks him to move in.

Alex comes over and Amaya introduces him to Taj.  He tells Amaya about the new baby.

Then Elora Jones and Carlie Purdue stop by.

The next morning they had salads together and talked and Amaya knew she made the right decision.


Milla came to visit Zachary but he wasn't home so she talked to his Mom instead.  She told her she wanted Zach to move in with her.

She found him at the Kissing Llamas, dressed all weird, she asked him to move in and he agreed it was getting cramped at his house and he spent a lot of time at hers anyway.

They went home and did a little dance to celebrate.

Then they celebrated another way.


Grayson and Skye want to know where they're going.  It's a surprise their Mom says.
(Now I tried to take alll 4 of them but it kept saying one of them was "busy" so Gunther didn't go)

Cassandra and Grayson go for a swim at the new park.

Skye plays pirate with Rocco Lothario.

 Cassandra sees Alexander.  She's surprised to see him away from the rocketship.

Here's a shot of the new park.  It's Wild Waters Park Extreme by Heidiextreme.  Sorry I didn't get more pics, I was busy watching everyone.


Carlie's birthday is today.

She meets up with her cousin Amaya at the Rattlesnake Juicebar to celebrate.  Amaya tells her that the other apartment where she lives is still for rent.

Carlie stands in her new apartment ready to start her life as a young adult.


Malcolm asks Alexandria to get married and she says yes. 
(I somehow lost the picture when he asks her)
Daxton and Nicole aren't sure what's going on.

Okay they're kissing we're out of here!

Malcolm asks his futurecube about his love life now.. not so bright it says.  He needs to throw that thing away.

Outside Nicole and Daxton hide from their parents and all their kissing.


Over at the Goth household Charlie is keeping the triplets busy while Mom plans a party.

Everyone crowds around the stereo.

Suri and Shea don't know what to think of all these old people.  Where's the kids?

Star plays motion-gaming with her aunt Paisley.

The party was a huge success.  Buffy is thrilled.

(FYI This chapter was a little weird for 2 reasons: 1 I lost like 5 pictures and 2 my TAB key isn't working in game so I can't zoom in for pictures.  Sorry ya'll I'm working on it.)

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